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  • McWGameson Level 1 Level 1

    I also have Telia and had the same problem. I got a new phone from Lan-master, Telias service partner in Sweden. They have a 4 hour repair warranty for Telia and the new phone is absolutely perfect. I don't know how people in this forum actually think this can be software when we are so many that got a working phone after replacement. Sure Apple are working hard to find a update to fix this error on the faulty units, but I do not want a Phone that has a hardware fault with a software fix. I like to have my new 4s without any errors.

    Same software, same updates, same SIM card and restored from the backup from my 4s that did not work.

  • VancouverSean Level 1 Level 1

    I replaced my iPhone a week ago and this issue has now been entirely resolved.

  • stoopo Level 1 Level 1

    Strange how some iphone 4 users are getting the same problem with no outgoing sound in calls. It suggests software to me but could also be hardware on the 4s as there seems to be many problems with that phone.

  • humba.buendia Level 1 Level 1

    Im possitive its software related because when manual outgoing calls seem to fail aproximately 2 out fo 10 calls.

    on the other hand everytime i tell siri to make a call 20 out of 20 calls audio works perfectly which is why it seems to me its software related theres something making conflict muting the call at the start, i tried siri on and off and all the other "solutions" above in this thread but it only works for a short period then it comes back but like i said when siri makes the call they always work.

    I also think this error is caused by plenty of things like, software for instance, the network, servive provider and all together make this horrible nightmare, our service provider always puts stuff in our phones each different depending the service prvider so maybe our SP are making something wrong or putting corrupted data in our micro sims that make this conflict in our iphones, but yeah its 109 pages already in this thread Apple shouldnt give a blind eye to our situation, some of us cant affort the luxury of staying without a phone for days while they try to fix it or change it.

  • aaiMies Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same issue with a new black 32gb 4S directly from Apple last week.


    If all other calling apps besides the normal Phone app work, and the calls via Siri work, and it helps pressing speaker on/off most of the time, this sounds a lot like a software issue.

  • tonttu Level 1 Level 1

    Hi all following the thread.


    Just wanted to share my experience on the topic. Got my 4S (16GB, White) through a provider here in Finland (DNA) in early December. Huge problems with outgoing call audio, just like described by many here. I had to call people 6-7 times before they could here me (typically had to cold reboot the phone). Often the speaker was forced on when I called, turning it off by tapping the speaker icon didn't do much. Sometimes the voice sounded like semi-speaker, something between speaker on and off (the voice was low but there was kind of an echo). Also plugging in the earphones didn't do anything, inbound voice was still coming out from the speakers and the receiver of the call couldn't hear me. I'd say that all the problems were with outbound calls, received ones worked fine.


    About a week ago, I upgraded iOS to 5.1 beta 2 from the iOS Developer resources, all problems gone. Everything has worked since then, speaker, outbound calls, earplugs.. all behavior exactly as expected. And I'm glad this solved it, even if it's beta, it's working ok in every aspect - no problems. Only thing keeping me from going back to Android was the fact that the now upgraded micro sim didn't fit any of my existing prior phones! But now, all good!

  • humba.buendia Level 1 Level 1

    what do i have to do to get the beta? i heard i need a dev account, how can i get one? do they charge for those? i dont wanna get it from some untrusted site besides it doesnt work if youre not registered as an apple dev, i wanna do it right, so any ideas?

  • tonttu Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, you need to be part of the iOS Developer program. It's 79 EUR / year subscription. Well, it sounds expensive just to fix Apple's bugs, if you don't really want to develop anything. Anyway, subscription activation takes about half an hour, then another 30 mins for download and upgrade the phone. No data is lost when you backup before the upgrade and then restore with iTunes.


    Official way of course is to wait for the iOS 5.1 release version and then upgrade your phone. I don't have any clue when that is coming out, beta 2 was released in early December.


    Also.. the iOS beta only works on iOS devices that you register within your Apple developer profile by entering a unique identifier of the device. I used Xcode on Mac to get the ID from the iPhone, maybe it's possible to get it from iTunes as well. This is what the "hack sites" are trying to sell, your device id registered so that you can run the beta, I wouldn't touch them.


  • mmacrie Level 1 Level 1



    Found 4 distinct issues, but all probably related:


    1 - No audio on incoming calls

    2 - No audio on outgoing calls

    3 - Incoming calls with bluetooth activated, mysteriously turns on speakerphone... and can't turn it off or toggle it

    4 - Huge static audio on outgoing calls


    So lets summarize, we have no audio, static audio, and the mysterious speakerphone being set by the ghosts.


    I took it to the idiot bar at the apple store. They took it in the back for 20 minutes, then came out and said nothing was wrong with my phone. They refused to replace it and/or acknowledge the problem. When I indicated that its a huge common problem, the idiot smiled broadly as if to say: "I know but I'd rather have my job then admit the phone is junk". She said I could return it to where I purchased it from: AT&T and there was nothing she could do.



    Conclusion: Apple knows of the issues and are fixing them in 5.1 They've all been instructed to deny anything is wrong at this point.... and apple wonders why businesses won't buy into their cult.


    Anyways... took it back to the AT&T store, got a new phone and it works fine... that's my recomendation to everyone... just keep taking it back.. eventually the returns will get their attention.


    Thanks to ZD Net for picking up the story today!

  • ipod_a_dud Level 1 Level 1

    Purchased December 29 - Calgary Canada - Same issue with outgoing call with no audio for sender/receiver. Reset and issue continues. Apple is having me do a factory restore on unit (Jan 3/2012). Unit came with most current software version. The silence on Apple's part is very concerning. I am fearing it is a hardware issue they are attempting to fit with a software correction. Their silence on the issue just do not make sense. I thought this only happened on the MS Windows format? Ha

  • DINYUCD Level 1 Level 1

    Here's the link to the ZDNet story -

  • glennsam Level 1 Level 1

    Same here. Restored phone and still having problems with outgoing calls not being able to hear the other person. I have over 200 people in the company I work for. Many have asked me about my iphone. I told them not to get one because the thing is crap and have heard no response from Apple on this issue. So how many more customers do you plan on losing Apple until you resolve this isseu? I contacted Apple and still have not heard from them.. Keep spreading the word to your friends until Apple fixes this issue. They are only big because of us...

  • spiderdan10 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for sharing the link.  Had my iphone 4s 64gb for less than a month and have had about 10 occurances of this.  Totally random on when it occurs. I don't use a headset.  I got my wife a white iphone for xmas but so far she hasn't experienced this.  The lack of response from Apple is frustrating.

  • AliceKaye Level 1 Level 1

    Went to the genius bar and the guy totally acknowledged that he'd heard of the problem before and that while his phone has not had the issue, he said he "knew" Apple knew about the problem and is looking into it. I decided not to do a replacement phone at this point. He said that they, Apple, was pretty sure it's software related just based on the sheer fact that it doesn't happen every time someone makes a call.


    Regardless, since it is not happening to me every time I make a call, I'll hold off for now.


    Side note, he ended all the running processes on my phone (home button x2, hold icon & hit x to turn off > restart phone) and so far no phone call issues.

  • Nick776 Level 1 Level 1

    Mmacrie--I am so glad you noted something which I forgot:


    "Incoming calls with bluetooth activated, mysteriously turns on speakerphone... and can't turn it off or toggle it"


    I have that same problem as well and I forgot ot mention it earlier.  That was why I suggested that the problem rested solely in whatever hardware/software controlled audio output during calls (hence why outputting through bluetooth confused the system).


    The nearest Apple store is two hours from me.  However, I'm going there Friday and returning my THIRD iPhone 4s.  I'm going to open the new one in the store and set it up in the store.  If it's broken, I'm going to rinse and repeat until I can leave the store with a "good" phone. 


    I, too, believe that is the best way to get Apple's to acknowledge the problem.  Keep returning and returning and returning. . . . . .


    I decided to experiment with my Wife's iphone 4s (which works fine).  I erased her phone and restored it from my backup.  It worked just fine and all calls went through with no problems whatsoever.  I wiped my phone and restored it with the same backup and the problem was still there.


    I am not an expert by any means, but I simply cannot imagine how this could be "software related" when little experiments like mine produce results which suggest otherwise.


    People like myself who paid "full price" for the factory unlocked version certainly aren't getting their money's worth (not to say that people who bought phones on subsidized contracts are, though).  In sum, none of us are getting what we bargained for.


    If Apple moderator's are reading this--PLEASE RESPOND.  Do you think everyone on this forum who suffers from these problems will simply "go away?"  Apple owes us at least an acknowledgement of the problem (even if it says "we're still investigating the issue").  Silence says so much. . . .