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    Is your phone locked to operator?

    What did you do- restore or update?

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    I had no such issue during install.

    I just entered mine apple non developers account in and it was excepted

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    Mouhritsa racing wrote:


    Does anybody when the 5.1 will out for normal users?


    Only Apple can answer this question.


    In my opinion the final release is not so far away, for example iOS 4.1 had 3 betas, so maybe they'll release 5.1 in January/February.

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    my phone is unlocked, but requesting developer code


    I chose shift + restore

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    To the commenter who said "it can't be a hardware problem if there is a software fix", this is ridiculous. There are plenty of software patches to attempt to overcome hardware problems. Even if the problem is hardware, say a faulty switcher, doesn't mean a software patch can't try to overcome this problem (by running an initialization sequence differently). You shouldn't say such silly things with such great emphasis!

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    I think there is no "who is right" until Apple make some statement.

    You may be wrong, me too. What's the point of guessing something which we are not familar with, but only Apple?

    We are wasting our time to argue for problems above our knowlige.

    For me faulty speaker cannot be fixed by any software- it works or it doesn't.

    But that's my thoughts, I can be wrong exactly as much as you can be until Apple make some statement..

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    I have updated my iOS to 5.1 beta 3 and the problem still persist.


    The phone will recieve calls make calls but no audio for either party.  I can play music over the speaker, leave voice memos, etc. so it would appear the hardware is functioning fine. 

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    After receiving 2 phones with the same audio problem from Telus (Canadian service provider),  I made an appointment with the Apple Store. They replaced my device, no questions asked, and so far so good!

    I made several test calls before I left the store and have been playing around with it all weekend.

    Every call has gone through!!

    If it's possible in your area, I highly suggest going to an Apple Store and getting a new one until you get a working phone. Yes, it's a pain in the *** to have to schedule an appt, get to the store, etc. but why wait for a software fix that may or may not fix the problem when you can get rid of the problem now with a new phone.

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    I've been following this forum for over a month now and have posted feedback several times.  All along, I was in the same camp with folks who thought this was a software issue.  Now I'm not so sure.


    Besides the audiogate issue, my phone has a beautiful screen and the battery drain has been relatively reasonable.  I've always feared that exchanging for another phone may run the risk of getting a "more" faulty phone than the one I own. 


    I purchased my iPhone 4S in Singapore on a business trip last November and haven't returned to Singapore until last week.  I hesitated, but finally decided to visit the SingTel store on Sunday to see about what my options were.  The rep at the store told me that he's aware of the "audiogate" issue and that Apple is working on a resolution.  He said that since it's a software problem, as a courtesy, they will allow one exchange (if he was so sure that it's a software issue, why offer the one exchange at all?). After that, I would have to wait for the software patch from Apple and they would not allow any more exchanges unless it's related to other issues.  Again, I hesitated, but decided to take a leap of faith because non of my other friends who owns the 4S has the audiogate issue.  SingTel took the replacement phone out of a black box, which I knew was not brand new.  I asked the rep if the phone was new, he told me yes.  I asked if I could have a brand new one out of a retail box, he refused.  I wasn't in the mood to argue so I accepted the phone.  When I got back to the hotel, I looked up the serial number online and the replacement phone came from the same factory as my original, but the manufacturing date was one week prior.  This confirmed my suspicion that the phone was refurbished.  I proceeded with the restore and it took me a good two hours to reconfigure the phone. 


    To my surprise, the audiogate issue has since gone away and the phone is working fine (fingers crossed).  It's nice now that I don't have to toggle the speakerphone button everytime I call.  The battery life also seems better than my original.


    My opinion is that the reason Apple has not come out and confirmed whether this is a software or hardware issue is because they are searching for the lowest cost way to fix the problem.  Obviously a software workaround on a defective hardware would be much more cost efficient than recalling all of the defective hardware.  I am not a software developer, but I'm guessing it wouldn't be too difficult to write some type of code to automate the quick toggling of the speaker button function right before placing a call.  This would solve issues for many.  However, Apple would need to test this to ensure that it does not negatively impact the non hardware defective units.  Again, it's my personal opinion only.


    So I've had a change of heart and would recommend that if you have the opportunity to exchange for a replacement.  Do it!  We've all paid too much money to accept temporary workarounds or faulty units.  I know this issue has impacted a good number of people, but know that there are many more out there with normal working phones.

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    I downloaded the beta software referenced earlier in this thread and installed it with no problem.  And, the no audio on outgoing calls problem stopped.  The reason replacing the phone works for some people is that the new phone probably has a more recent version of the OS loaded on it.


    My advice is that if this problem exists on your phone, that you toggle the speakerphone on and then off when you make a call.  This will fix it for that call.  And, you can wait for OS 5.1 to be released, which should be soon.


    If you don't like that solution, download the beta software and install it.  Replacing the phone will only help if the new phone has more recent software than the old one, I would suspect.


    Relax...Apple will fix it in the OS5.1 release, I would assume, as its fixed in the 5.1 beta.

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    Actually it doesn't have to do anything with the os installed my previous iPhone had 5.0.1 loaded and had the audio issue, my replacement had 5.0 loaded and works like a charm even after updating it to 5.0.1 so my advise is return your phone and demand a replacement or just wait for a work around fix for a defective phone

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    why are you being such a douche! the best outcome is that software can fix it, a lot of people cant get to a apple store or dont have one in the country so stop banging on about getting it exchaged because its hardware!!! you dont know anything untill apple says so like the rest off us!!!

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    I just know I have 3 4S in hands. The 3 have exactly the same software and settings, 2 was defective and one works fine.


    If the software is the same how can this be a software issue??


    The logical conclusion is a hardware issue, just it.

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    I updated my iOS to 5.1 beta 3 and the problem still persist.

    voice memo app, viber they work perfectly what i do??

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    Just my 2 cents. i had this issue with a brand new 4s since I got it on December 30th.  Was going to wait for software update  after following this site since I noticed the problem. I was driving by the dealer I got phone from and stopped in and mentioned the problem and they said without even looking at the phone that they would have a replacement the next day and it was definatley a hardware issue and a known problem.


    I have had new phone since the 11th and used for over 100+ calls and not a single issue, where as old phone was probably an 8 bad calls out of 10 ratio. They said it was just a bad batch of phones.


    As a tech in another field what I think is that they know now what the problem is and have fixed it with the update but changing the phone would also fix the problem unless you get a bad phone obviously. I am in Vancouver Canda and a Telus cusomer.