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    I have the same problem and it's REALLY bugging me!


    Question is: should I try to replace the 2 weeks old phone or wait for the next iOS update and hope that it comes with a fix?

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    I just did the "record 5 seconds test". After 10 outgoing calls I had no audio.

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    If you have time and possibility, replace it. I did it at Oxford Street. Actually I did it three times, but only the first was by OCNA issue, all others was with audio but also with other minor problems (buzzing vibro and worse battery).

    Now I'm on perfect iPhone, no one issues including OCNA.

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    Because you can with the came result cross your phone or make a prayer on it.

    OCNA, if exist, comes and gone. Some times I got 30% of bad calls, some times one from 20.

    Now, on replaced phone, no one form 100 already.

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    I have the same issue here in Ireland O2. No option to replace it, no apple store only post and the pay €30 or something if I want a replacement while my own one is being "repaired"

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    5 seconds record method failed here too :(

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    Took my phone to Apple service in Greece. Replaced without question asked. It is a minor HW bug that can be solved via SW i was told.

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    I am still having these issues with my iPhone. Every 3-4 days I have to restore it because all of a sudden I am not able to recieve/send/make calls or text messages. I have restored my iPhone 7-8 times since I got it in the middle of December.


    Went to Apple in Oslo and they told me I should restore from iCloud instead of iTunes, or deliver the phone with them for 5 days so they could fix it. Nothing better with iCloud-restore. Of course.


    A friend just pointed me to this thread in Norwegian:

    Micro-SIM for other phones and micro-SIM for iPhones aren't the same? Micro-SIM for iPhones should be even smaller than a "regular" micro-SIM.

    This isn't my problem, but maybe someone else isn't aware of it.


    On my phone it seems as if the problem starts up more heavily after a flat battery. Battery life isn't exactly the best.

    I've asked to get my phone replaced.

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    I'm having similar issues with my iPhone 4S 64GB which i bought in Zurich, Switzerland at the local apple store there, just before Xmas. The OCNA issue occurs, sometimes it doesn't. I've also had that the phone app stayed in the continious loop trying to dial someone when connected to a bluetooth car kit. Only way to fix it was restart the iPhone.


    Problem is, I live in the Netherlands and we have no Apple Store were I can easily switch my iPhone for a replacement. I have to send it in, and wait about week to get replacement. Just to be sure, i"ll wait til 5.1 and pray it fixed this issue.


    Never had any weird issue like this with my 3GS before..


    I'm using the iPhone on T-Mobile network in the Netherlands

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    Here's a link to suggestions to correct the mute issue. My wife's iPhone 4s has this fault and after making a call using Siri it reset the audio and so far no more problems. Time will tell if the problem returns or not. Had false hopes in the past when doing a restore only solved the issue for a couple of days. Worh a try though.

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    I've updated my iPhone 4S 16GB to 5.1 beta3 and up till now I haven't got any ocna problems since the update.(now 3 days)

    Also I tested Bluetooth-calls with my carkit,also without a problem.

    Last but less differance is the batterydrain issue.

    Since the update my battery lasts a little longer but not that spectaculary.(almost 2 days)


    So my guess is that the ios5.1 release will solve all these minor,but very annoying issues/bugs!



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    Thanks for the link. I just followed the instructions and will let you know.

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    replace your phone is a hardwere problem,i have this problem,and i replace my phone and no problem anymore;),apple not responde because is o hardwere problem,not a softwere problem,REPLACE is better,sory for my bad english

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    By staying silent Apple haven't shown much respect to those unfortunate enough to have this problem. There is no certainty at the moment whether this is a hardware issue or a software issue. Some people have replaced their phones 3 or 4 times. It would be quite incredible odds if those people had repeated hardware issues either that or this issue is very prevalent indeed, yet I know lots of people with an iPhone 4s and apart from my wife none of them have the mute issue.

    Also some iPhone 4 owners have also reported the problem albeit a reset seemed to correct their phones but they don't have Siri. I am in the UK and my wife and I got our phone with Tesco mobile using the 02 network. My phone is fine, I called them about my wife's phone and they thought it was a software issue. They would only offer a refurbished phone as a replacement because it was past 28 days since she bought the phone. Not too pleased about that since the fault wasn't noticed until about 2 or 3 weeks into the deal. So far her phone is now working ok since she made a call using Siri but I have no confidence unless it is still ok 3 weeks from now. I will let you know how it goes