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    A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and mother kept saying, "You're cutting out..."  I thought it was the stretch of road I was driving on, where sometimes there isn't good service...   Then, people I called would say "hello?  Hello" then hang up.  I took my phone to AT&T, they suggested I go to the Apple store and helped me by making my appointment. 


    The Apple tech did a diagnostic test, said they didn't find anything, and they erased my phone as if it were brand new.  They said it might be software issues.  So, first few hours, all was good.  Then, boyfriend started saying "You're cutting out..."  Thus, the problem not solved.


    I have another appointment at the Apple Store tomorrow evening.  I don't know if some other issues are related, not related...  But, we'll see what happens tomorrow.  I am a real fan of Apple.  I forsook all other cell services and even bought Ipad2, MacBook Pro, buy my cables, etc from them...  I like them a lot.  I just hope they keep my respect or I will be very disappointed if they don't replace my phone.

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    If people would just spend a few minutes reading this thread, they would understand the issues at hand.  To briefly summarize, here are the facts to date:


    1) It's not certain whether the audio mute issue is hardware or software related.  However, many who had replaced their phones solved the audio problem.  Some had to go through multiple handset exchanges, but were ultimately successful.


    2) Some (not all) who installed the 5.1 beta 2 or 3 firmware were able to fix the audio mute issue.  However, some continued to experience the same problem.


    3) I personally had my handset exchanged and the audio mute issue went away.  I believe it's a hardware problem which could be solved by software tweaks.  That being said, with all the $$ we've spent on the latest gadget from Apple, do you want to feel that you own a defective phone but was tweaked by a software workaround?




    1) If you have the opportunity to exchange your phone, DO IT!  I was skeptical at first, but am now very glad that I made the decision to exchange it.  Now I feel like I own a fully functional phone.


    2) If you are not in a position to exchange your phone, then I would suggest you use the manual workaround (toggling the speaker button after you make the call) until the official 5.1 patch is released by Apple.  With the success of many who had installed the 5.1 beta patches, there's no doubt that Apple is working on the fix which should be included in the new release.  If you absolutely can't wait, you could always move forward with the 5.1 beta 3 install, but personally, I would wait for the official release.

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    Same problem here in Brazil.


    iPhone 4s 32GB - TIM. Bought a month ago (22 Dec)

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    Add me to the list, iphone 4s, 32GB.  Initially the issue only occurred when I used the included headphones.  I finally gave up on them because it happened so frequently.  Now its also occurring with my bluetooth and even with the phone without any attachments.  Twice the phone completely locked up and would not respond for 10 minutes.  This is unacceptable.  I just need to find time to make it to the apple store. 

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    My IPhone 4S was replaced. Now I have perfectly working IPhone 4S. No audio problems. I recommend to replace your IPhones with a new one.

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    I  had same audio problem and my iPhone was replaced. After restor phone from old iCloud backup, problem came back. My previeus phone was 1st iPhone 2G.


    Then... I deleted all old backup files from my PC and also deleted iCloud backup. Then I restored and setup my 4s like new phone without using any backup. Now my 4s working correctly already 4 weeks. So I think my phone had software issue reletaed somehow with old backup files or with old 2G phone.


    Mart from Estonia

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    Add me into the list.


    I just bought the phone on Jan 21. Mine is iPhone 4S 16 GB Black.

    When I place an outgoing call, I hear my own voice and nothing from the other end. I had to turn on and off the loudspeaker to get it right. But this happens randomly, not all the time.


    Should I go for a replace? Or can this be resolved by a software upgrade??


    One more problem that I noticed is, after unplugging the headset whatever calls I make or receive loudspeaker turns on by itself and the receiver cannot hear my voice at all. I had to reset my phone to come back to normal.

    Reset doesn't solve the outgoung call problem though.


    Need help here!!


    Gopi from India


    iPhone 4S

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    To everybody still experiencing this issue:
    I've purchased my phone in October, replaced in November, and had been problem free since.
    It has been over 3 month and NO ONE was able to fix this problem by software. By now apple has tons of problematic phones and if it was fixable by software it would already be fixed.
    So. Just go and replace your phone. Apple customer service is excellent and I was out with a new phone in a matter of minutes.
    That's my advice.

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    This is not exactly the true, since my phone and all my buddies' phones are working perfectly after upgrade to 5.1 beta 3. That means there IS software solution.

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    Same problem, better get my phone replaced. Why hasn't apple resolve this issue ???

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    Bought iPhone on release date, had problem since day one.  Drives me crazy plus annoys people I do business with.  I went to apple store today and they acted like they had never heard of this issue.  They wanted me to waited a couple hours to run all their tricks on the phone, didn't have time so have to drive an hour back to store at a later date.  My first and maybe last iPhone!

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    Could you please tell me how to upgrade to beta three?

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    I am from Germany using t-mobile. My iPhone 4S has the same problem.

    I use my phone mostly for business reasons. On nearly each outgoing call the call is muted.

    This is worst case in business for me. The 4S is 5 days old and I already tried to get an replacement but i should get a refurbished unit. Are they crazy. I dont spent a lot money for a new device to finally get a refurbished one five days later. I am really angry about that. i mean... I also dont want to have a polished old car, cause my new one has a problem with its engine which the vendor cannot fix.


    This is definitely inacceptable APPLE. i mean it is a PHONE that costs really a lot money

    and the device is not useable as a phone.

    I used Apple devices for many years and never got such a buggy device from them.


    So PLEASE fix that issue very soon and please keep your customers updated on known issues.


    If i dont get a suitable solution i think that will be my last iPhone after i had used 2G, 3G, 3GS and 4.



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    Ever since I bought my Canadian iPhone 4S last November I have been experiencing this same issue. Every now and then, the outboun audio when calling is not present. I cannot hear the party on the other end of the line and they cannot hear me. The call timer counter still continues as normal but nothing. However, when I tap on the loudspeaker button and tap it again to deselect it, the earpiece sound pops up.


    At other times, when I make a call, the loudspeaker button on the screen is "blue" showing it's been selected (no audio comes through though). I don't know why it does that but even if i deselect it, I still don't get audio, earpiece nor loudspeaker. It's become very frustrating, seeing as to the amount of money I paid for the phone. I think i should have just stuck with my previous iPhone 4.


    I took it back to the store a while ago and they advised me to wait for the next iOS 5.1 software update. It should resolve the issue. They didn't sound too sure about it though. They don't seen to know whether it's a software or hardware issue. I'm also still extremely curious as to why apple just won't come forward and acknowledge this issue. I personally know that I would receive a huge amount of relief just from an official announcement saying the issue is being addressed. I really didn't expect to receive this kind of aftersales customer service after paying over $800 cash for a phone.



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    Same problem here - 32GB 4S on Vodafone UK network. Got the phone just before Xmas, noticed the problem a lot a couple of days before Xmas. Tried to call Vodafone support - took 10 attempts before I could hear anything! They told me to do a restore. Happened again last week so did some testing this morning. Was probably failing about 1 in 3 times at one point. Rang Vodafone again, sending me new SIM. Logged call with Apple, told me to do a factory reset so no apps etc are on phone. Will try both options over next few days. Not happy with a phone that'll cost over £1000 over the contract. Should have gone Android!