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    Forgot to say - just using phone earpiece, no bluetooth headset, no headphones etc.

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    I have been having problems with my Verizon 16gig 4s Bluetooth. While listening to music or connected to my car via Bluetooth. It sounds like it is skipping almost. My calls are broken up. Very frustrating. I thought it was my reception but it's not. I have noticed if my phone is being held still it doesn't happen. When it is on the dash or in my pocket it does. I have tested it over and over and found this to be the pattern. Does anyone else have this problem.

    Also Siri doesnt work consistently. Very annoying.

  • carved Level 1 (0 points)

    we pay over 700 euro for a phone that does not work.

    i bought a phone!!! and all i got is a brick


    and apple does not even bother about this issue. i have been waiting for about 2 months for a sollution. i have enough. sent this phone back to the shop and i want all my euros back.


    this was the last time i bought apple stuff. its maybe nice and neat but the company does not repsond well to issue their technology raises.

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    They didn't Exchange the phone but they probably did something on the phone because I don't have this problem anymore. He said something about flashing the phone. I don't know exactly what he was referring too. They where testing it for one and a half week.

    I will keep you updated if that happens again.

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    Let's face it, as frustrated as some of us have had to deal the audio mute issue and the non acknowledgement from Apple, at the end of the day they just had one of the best financial quarters ever.  This is with the release of of a phone (4S) which is only a slight improvement over its predecessor (4).  People are still choosing the iPhone 4S over other more hardware advanced smartphones from Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc.  The demand and loyalty to Apple is at an all time high.


    I was one of the disappointed Apple customers when I received a defective 4S on my initial purchase and vowed not to buy Apple products again.  However, I think those were just angry words.  After exchanging for a replacement which now works perfectly, Apple's won me back again.  My Samsung Galaxy SII has now taken a backseat to my iPhone 4S.


    My recomendation is that if you still have a defective phone and are hesitating to exchange for a replacement.  DO IT!  You won't regret it.  I'm fairly certain that my replacement phone was a refurbished unit and it irritated me at first.  However, after using it for a while without issues, I now don't really care whether it's a refurbished or new unit.  The screen is beautiful, no audio mute issues and the battery life seems good. I rather have this working refurbished unit than a new defective unit.


    Also, I believe Apple is being silent on the issue because they are working on a software fix.  Any type of acknowledgement will only create negative business impact for them.  With most people being able to fix the audio mute issue with the firmware 5.1 beta 3, there's no doubt in my mind that the next official 5.1 release will fix the problem.  Once the problem is fixed, all the haters will be converted back to fans again and most of this bad experience will be forgotten in time.


    Just my two cents.

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    There was a time Apple cared about more than profits. The quality of their products and services mattered not anymore now its just revenue. Just look at the disgrace that is iCoud and the issue with mobile me customers Good guys no more...

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    Same problem here in Brazil.


    iPhone 4s. Bought from local mobile company named TIM.


    I m not a developer so I cannot install beta 3.

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    The beta 3 of iOS 5.1 completely restored my iPhone’s functionality - no drops, no "No SIM" messages - thus far.

    You can install the beta firmware even if you do not have a developer account with Apple. Download "iPhone4,1_5.1_9B5141a.ipsw" from here:, and then go to iTunes, hold shift and then press Update (not Restore!) and select the downloaded firmware.

    Once installed, your iPhone will be updated to the iOS 5.1 beta. It will remain activated, with all applications-data-etc untouched.

    Make sure to backup before this operation. Also, you can downgrade back to iOS 5.0.1 if you wish to wait for the final 5.1 release.

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    Ive encountered the same issue and the Apple employees cant seem to figure it out and have replace my phone 5 times do the this issue.. well once was for a defective batt so 4 times for this audio issue you just described

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    After intermittent frustration every day or so with this problem on outgoing calls, at least I now know I'm not crazy. I experienced the mute issue with one of the first calls I made on the new 4s before I had even left the Verizon store last month. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. Ever since, I've been trying to figure out what triggers the problem. But it just seems random when it happens. Sometimes it's just one call. Sometimes two, three outgoing calls in a row. And it's just as frustrating for the folks on the other end of the call. It never seems to happen when I have Siri place the call, however. After reading this thread, I will try the speaker toggle button next time and keep hoping Apple wakes up and acknowledges a fix is needed.

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    exactly same issue with me in south africa....and what hacks me off the most is that IM PAYING FOR THESE CALLS!!!!


    im having to cut the call and redial.... In SA you get charged per minute.... when i cut the call, i get charged for a full minute regardless if i cut it after 8 seconds!


    this has happened to me at least 50 times in last month...


    Not fair i should fit the bill for such a crap phone!


    siri is a load of crap...useless!

  • nick thompson south africa Level 1 (0 points)

    i see the first post on this issue is 17th october 2011...its now 26 january 2012...THATS A WHOLE 4 MONTHS AND JACK HAS BEEN DONE ABOUT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I dont spent a lot money for a new device to finally get a refurbished one five days later.

    IME Apple replaces the device in the first 2 weeks with a new one. Same as internet order.

  • Nikolaos Zongos Level 1 (5 points)

    Got a iphone ten days ago. Since day one half of the calls were mute. Last three days in addition I have the speaker coming on during talking. When I bought the **** thing I primarily bought a phone, now I have an ipod touch!!!

    It seems that there is no interest from Apple to fix this problem, from what I understand from this post. They are busy developing iphone 5!!!

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    "i see the first post on this issue is 17th october 2011...its now 26 january 2012...THATS A WHOLE 4 MONTHS AND JACK HAS BEEN DONE ABOUT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


    Sorry nick, but that is about 3 months and 16 days, not 4 whole months