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    I have a wi fi problem too. 3g i is ok but cant conecct to wi fi

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    I am having the same issues. Call a number and hear no ring and no incoming audio of call, however it is fixed most of the time/if not all of the time with turning the speaker phone button on and off. It occurs randomly, on average 1 in 10 calls or so. Sometimes it occurs 2 or 3 times in a row.


    I called Apple tech support and they had me download the system software and reset/restore the phone. I made 4 calls to my home land line to test it out and the problem happened again. I called 13 times and 3 of the calls had no audio.


    I think this is a wide spread issue with the 4S because another friend at work just got her iPhone 4S in January and is experiencing the same type problem and she is on ATT and I am on Verizon wireless.


    I use a bluetooth ear piece and once or twice while calling out, the phone will not select bluetooth audio or iphone audio and will only select speaker phone and gets stuck. When this has happened, the only fix is to reboot the phone. Also when I first got my bluetooth, I was trying out Siri via the bluetooth and my iphone completely locked up and just had a black screen with a bit of a flicker. Had to reboot iphone to fix that as well.


    Other than this annoying little quirk, my iPhone works as advertised. Will have to call Apple support in the morning to try something else to see if they can fix the problem.

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    I have also this problem :-(

    Need a solution to fix it!

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    i am facing same problme no outbound audio when dialing at least 50% times in iphone 4s plz give solution

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    I've been experiencing this issue (about 40% of the time) since I received my iphone in December.  I finally decided to take it to the Apple Store and they swapped it out, no questions asked (in fact, the guy who helped me indicated he had the same issue with his).  It's been issue-free for the past two days (I used to have daily issues with my prior phone).  It even starts the ringing process so much quicker when compared to my previous phone, when it did work.  Checking the serial number, the phone was made in week 52 of 2011 (my prior one was manufactured in October).  If this was a software issue, wouldn't this be an issue for all users?  Anyway, I'm hoping these issues are behind me now.

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    Goood for you  man. What about for customers who dont have apple stores in their country? Carrier dont give a ****. You should give it back wait at least for month , and even than you cant be sure , will  phone will work as should be. So APPLE SHAME ON YOU < YOUR PRODUCTS AND EVERYTHING ELSE>

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    I'm having same exact issues that everyone else is having on outgoing calls. First call no audio .(they can hear me but I can't hear them or even phone ring. ) I'll  hang up then try again and it usually works the second call. VERY ANNOYING for an expensive phone that should work. I sure hope they exchange my phone and have fixed it by now!!!


    I may not buy another one if they don't resolve it.

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    Went to the Apple Store and they replaced my phone. I think they gave me a remanufactured one so hopefully this one passed QC.


    I think they know what is wrong and just don't want to admit there is a problem.


    I would suggest anyone with a problem call Apple to get a replacement phone. They said there are 3 options. You can send your phone in and have them fix or replace it, (or) you can have an advanced replacement sent and you then send your broken one back, but they will need to put a hold on a credit card till they get the broken phone (or) you can go to an Apple Store and talk to someone at the Genius Bar.

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    Took mine to Apple Store and they replaced it a week ago. New one seems ok making calls but randomly turns itself off and the only way to get it back on seems to be to reset it (holding down power and home button until Apple logo appears). It was on the desk in front of me with 51% battery - picked it up after about half an hour and it wouldn't switch on - reset it and when it came back on battery was at 38%! This has happened at least twice.


    Utter rubbish!

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    Been having the same issue, no audio on outgoing calls but works on speaker and no problems on incoming calls. Went to the Apple Store in Seattle, they diagnosed it and said it was working with one of their local sims and I should try swapping my sim out with my carrier. I was skeptical at first but walked away and tried a friend's sim from a different network and it worked fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Try popping in a different sim and see if it makes a difference. Mine did. Couldn't believe it.

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    Same problem.


    Don't know whats happening, or why, but each time, after a while.

    When I want to make a call, I ear nothing, they can ear me.

    I hang out, redial... And it's ok for a while.


    It's first expected function, as make a call, do not work!

    It's a shame, for a phone we paid this amount ...


    So obliged to make a fake call, hang out and redial each call, after a certain condition.

    But I still didn't find whats infer this behavior, because if I made more then one call, this appear only for the first one.

    I try to lock the phone, close it, restart it, it work but after something, like being standby during a time, and the problem occurs.


    Please apple, face up your responsability !

    We face ours when we buy it.

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    Hi guys.


    User from Portugal here.


    Just bought Iphone 4s 2 weeks ago. I have the same issue.


    This happens totally random, and only in outbound calls (pretty much as others stated). I have never head issues with inbound calls.




    1 - Restarting the phone, reseting network settings and restarting the phone application seems to help (wich makes me think of a setup process that is not run when you leave the phone app running...).


    2 - I never tried to restore it (yet). The situation has worsened with time (when i bought it it happened rarely, now i have the problem once or twice in 10 calls.


    3 - If i dial the number it doesn't happen as much as from a listed contact.


    4 - if i refrain from getting the phone up right after making the call (i.e. wait some seconds then put it in my ear) it doensn't seem to happen so many times.


    I'm very keen to send the phone to my Carrier support (TMN), since i've had issues with them with other phones (they replaced me a HTC screen, but took about a month to do it!). Though in Portugal, Apple doesn't do direct support for the Iphone (i guess it's because it's carrier blocked).


    Since i'm pretty sure (almost) they will repair it other than replace it i'm thinking of waiting for IOS 5.1.


    Nevertheless, can anyone tell me, if with a blocked phone you can instal IOS 5.1 beta 3? Is it possible to downgrade from that version after you instal it?

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    Same issue here.


    Verizon 4s, 16GB


    Outbound calls seem to connect (shows connection timer) but no audio. Person receives the call but can't hear anything.  If we redial or make a 2nd call it will go through ok.


    Seems like a software issue to me.  Maybe the radio going off line or some kind of power saving?


    Phone has been replaced twice by the Apple store.  We are on our 3rd phone and continue to have the same issue.


    If anyone knows of a patch or work around let us know.



  • MikePt Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)



    Only workaround, annoying but working,  is to quikly press the speaker button twice, if the call isn't connected.


    You don't have to make a new call, just press the speaker button twice.


    This is wat intrigues people most. Pressing the speaker twice, gets the call sound working, and if you use a VOIP application like skype, the speaker works flawlessly.


    I tend to think it's a problem with the phone app.

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    Same issue for me!


    Can be fixed by: pressing the speaker button.


    Problem come back when: when you put the phone "too fast" to your ear.


    Question: is this related to Siri (although it is disabled)?