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    Potential Solution... I have been reading a lot about this issue. I was sure that it was a software issue, now I think it is actually a hardware issue. Here is why...


    This video (in 2 parts) shows a iphone 4 reball audio ic:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:


    Here is what I did and currently the phone is working normally:


    Not sure what this all means, but before I added the cardboard, my iphone4 did not transmit my voice when talking to someone on the phone, now it does 100% of the time. Not sure how long it will last.



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    Reply to my own post:


    Found out I was wrong. The problem still existed with unclear cause, then some day's without any problem.


    Visited the Amsterdam Apple Store today, and a kind Genius-lady examined my phone and descided it had hardware-failures. Though the phone was out of warranty, she offered a discounted replacement.


    Because it will take months before my telco-contract will be renewed, wich could provide a new phone, I accepted.


    When you have the chance let a Genius check whats wrong, hardware/software!

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    how do you turn Siri on

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    Dear All on the 171 pages to date....


    Don't get too excited yet but I appear to have found a possible cure!


    Having bought a new iPhone 4S originally on AT&T now on Etisalat (UAE) I had been experiencing most of the above problems but in particular No Audio on Outgoing Calls, The Phone Hanging when trying to make calls, Dropped SMS, Unable to Send SMS.  The phone had been completely restored and seemed to clear the problem for 3 months. The issues returned and restoring the phone no longer worked.


    After a visit to the local Service provider and a new Micro Sim the problems appear to have gone - every one of them, so far we are a few weeks in so looking good!!


    It may be worth a try for a very small cost for a replacement sim.



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    To all,


    I live in the US.  If you are serious, and I have interest from several where I live, I am beginning a class action regarding Apples attempt to sweep this issue away and ignore.  The forums are still adding pages since audio gate began in October.


    Apple believes the problem will just go away.  It will only if we let it.  This will be easy to win with Apples track record and the amount of responses just on there own forums.



    Please let me know how your warranty repair goes and if the sim card holds. 

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    There is plenty of solution on youtube concerning on how to fix the issue. Some ppl state those issue fix their phone issue  and some are still stuck with the issue. Mine have the same issue where I can hear the other side, but the other side is unable to hear me. When they do hear me, then it would be a lots of echo and static. Sometime if I hit the corner where the second MIC ( the headset plug in area) it would work good for the call, but once another call come in and I pick up to talk. I'm back to the echo and static. This is also happening on speaker also.  I have try all the fix I found online, but still the same. The only one attempt I have not try is to replace Audio compiler as I don't have those kind of tools laying around the house.

    My suggestion

    If any of you have the same problem as I describe, then you might as well get it replacement if you still have warranty..

    This is a hardware issue not software issue. Apple know about this issue and their way of fixing it is provide you a replacement for 149 + tax. Unfortunately, my phone is 3 month out of warranty, so i have to get the replacement.

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    If you choose or chose to replace your phone and you live in the US, keep or get a copy of your receipt.  Apples contention is its cheaper to pay out a class action than mass recall iPhone 4 and forward.


    The intention is to prove to them they should have stood behind there product.


    What's about to happen to Apple is why most of your big name technology companies stick to software only.


    Also, be aware Apple has forum trolls pushing there propaganda.  In short, anyone who rationalizes the reasons for you and advises you to replace your phone at a full or discounted price is 1. An apple troll, or 2. An unwitting Apple troll.

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    I believe your post is soon going to get deleted. How do I get a hold of you? I am in the U.S. and interested in talking with you about you iPhone issues.

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    Apple pretended not to know about the problem when I called. Even the Apple store "super-genius's" acted suprised when I mentioned the problem and wihtout directly saying so, suggested it was abuse of the phone that likely caused the problem. Seriously? Its in an Otterbox


    Its absolutely outrageous what they are doing to their consumers.


    Im all in VLCflumaxedlead the march!

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    i got the no audio on calls when i upgraded to ios 5.1.1 ****! how can i fix this? i tried lugging and unplugging the headphones still the same when i blow the mic and tap it you can hear it but when i speak other line cant hear it! it has been like this for 3 days now i restored3 times as new iphone nothin happened and rebooted almost all the time still blow and tap is the only thing they can hear i cleaned the mic with a brush blew air and used a small pin to clean the mic on top and still nothin.. what should i do? im confused to have it replaced because 1. is this a software issue and will we get an update in a few weeks or 2. is this a hardware issue even though it works on recording voice memo and mic works on recording videos and it works on viber skype voxer and other apps pls i need help or suggestions if i should take it back and replaced with a sucky refurbished iphone or is it software and wait for a update thanks i appreciate your reply thanks!

  • edacosta Level 1 (0 points)

    never got this prob when i was in ios 5.0.1! this *****!!! and i dont  want and cant wait for 3 months to get a replacement phone from my carrier (smart) is this software or hardware?

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    Purchased a brand new iPhone 4S 64 gig in black for my daughter for her graduation present, (an upgrade from her orginal iPhone 3 we purchased for her several years ago). (She's become an expert in user interface design at University of Washington and graduated with a great group of exceptional students! She's also already landed a job! Yeah!) Unfortunately, the present she really needed and wanted, the new iPhone 4S 64 in black, is having the exact same problem everyone else has described. I almost cried when she called me today (using the speaker phone), and, to say the least, I'm extremely disappointed. She's worked so hard and she really wanted the new iPhone as her graduation present and, sadly, it's DOA. She went to the Apple Store late this afternoon where we purchased it this past Saturday -- the University Village Apple Store in Seattle -- and was told upon entering the store that she needed to download "the appointment making app to her phone and make the appointment for herself" before they could help her. After she downloaded the app and attempted to make the appointment, she found that the earliest appointment that she could get was tomorrow which means she'll have to leave her job early tomorrow or use up her lunch hour to get assistance she needs to get the phone to work properly. She'd already done a full restore, completed a hard re-set, re-seated the SIM card and rebooted and completed another hard reset and had AT&T "re-do" the phone activation as the phone was activated on her existing AT&T account from within the Apple Store when we purchased it on Saturday. Unfortunately, none of these procedures worked. I do hope that the Apple Genius she deals with tomorrow at the Apple Store will replace her brand new phone with a new phone that does work. I'm a die-hard Apple fan and run have run a major consulting company for 23 years that has been completely Mac-centric since 1999 and I'm counting on Apple to do the right thing. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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    I'd like to +1 that I've had this issue as well. Brand new 4s that I've had since mid April 2012. The symptoms I've experienced:


    -I've had both the audio completely cut out during a call.

    -I can hear the person I've called but they can't hear me.


    I've tried re installing the OS and resetting. I've also tried muting / unmuting and putting the call on and off from speaker to no avail. I've seen comments linking the problems to Siri, which I never use (I do have it enabled in the options though).


    Maybe iOS 6 will bring a resolution to this problem?

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    Thanks, I have also tried all those options except a new software  which I do need, My phone is actually the one the were selling 2 yrs ago and was upgraded, but needs it again. This happened when I pluged into a Phillips Docking Station, and the radio came on really loud. Thanks for your comments. I will try that.  MBJS

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    After many many tests, I noticed on my phone that the sound problem occured once iCloud was activated....


    Before iCloud activation, with a fresh restore, there seems to be no problems

    After iCloud activation, no more sound on outgoing calls, I can hear people but they don't hear me....


    Will make further tests on that basis...