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    After upgrading to 5.1.1 on my iPhone 4, I also had no outgoing audio on phone calls unless I used the Loud Speaker option or a Headset. I tried restoring 4 times with no avail. I even did the headphone trick by plugging and unplugging it into the headphone jack and it did nothing. I ended up having to book an appointment with an Apple Genius person on Thursday and they believed it was more so related to a hardware issue. I told them many others have raised the same issue on forums but they had no answer for it and couldn't fix the audio issue. So the only option they could give me was to replace the phone which ended up costing me $179 AUD since it was out of warranty

  • Franzy29 Level 1 (0 points)

    Finally it didn't solve the problem....


    The issue is that I've got no outgoing sound at all....even when using the loudspeaker option or a headset....


    And my iPhone is out of warranty....

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    Same thing here with my iphone 4. It happens again as I had the same problem with ios 5.0.1. No audio on outgoing calls. Took my iphone to my carrier who said I could get a new one as this is out of warranty. I didn't and got my phone back, and the miracle happened! An ios 5.1 was launched and it took all my problems away.


    Untill I got the ios 5.1.1. Same issue back again.


    What is up with this!!!!!!!!

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    This solution worked for me, my gf and my friend.


    1. Take a fresh icloud backup.

    2. Backup your photos if you dont have Photo Stream on.


    3. Connect your iPhone 4/4s to pc or mac and open itunes.

    4. Restore your phone to default with itunes and wait until done.


    5. When turning phone back on and setting it up. use the feature: "Use as a new phone"

    6. Complete the setup until your device is ready for use.


    7. Go to settings: General: Reset: Choose the option "Erase all Content and Settings"

    8. Wait until done.


    9. Connect your iPhone 4/4s to pc or mac and open itunes.

    10. Restore your phone to default with itunes and wait until done.


    11. Now turn on your phone and when asked, use the option "Restore from icloud backup"

    12. re-do your things.


    This should work as it did for mine and two other phones. 1 x iPhone 4S and 2 x iPhone 4


    Hopefully we get this 172 pages long thread closed.


    Our sounds belong to us!


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    I tried your method....


    No luck for didn't work...

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    Sorry Franzy29,


    in my situation the solution also wasn't stable. After a week of intermittant problems I visisted the Amsterdam Apple Store and a Genius diagnosed my phone as defect and offered a paid exchange.

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    Im guessing your iPhone was also out of warranty that you were offered a paid exchange?

    Mine is also out of warranty and now Im also having these weird issues..


    For me it seems a little different than for others, for me when I place an outgoing call the speaker is instantly turned on but no sound is heard through both the 'normal' speaker and the 'loud/handsfree' speaker. And the timer starts ticking when someone anwsers the call. This also occurs very random like others.

    Up untill now I can just tap the speaker again to turn it off and the sound goes to normal but im increasingly bothered by it.


    Is there no real response from Apple on this???? Cause my iPhone 4 is on the latest firmware 5.1.1 I even did the update to the incremental update for GSM versions of the iPhone 4...


    You'd expect a reponse from Apple after all these reports of the same issue for a €500 phone. With only a year of limited warranty eventough by law in Europe you get 3 years on a product with this price. Apple can just go on ignoring this without getting trouble.....

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    I am having the same issue with iPhone 4s, last month I went to the apple store and told them about the issue, so they did the exchange. Even with new phone nothing changed, so last week I called apple customer care and the funny thing is when I was on call with the technician, the phone did the same thing, so he told me to send the phone to them through UPS, which I did, in the mean time I am using my old iphone 3g and it works with no problems.

    I don't think they are going to do any fix, looks like I am stuck with this issue rest of my contract.

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    I have a 16G iPhone 4 and I tried Teknojeewes's solution above and unfortunately it didn't work for me. 

    After that solution didn't work for me, I tried hitting the mute button on and then off on the next call.  It worked and I now I have audio least for now.  Next time it does go out, I will try this quick solution again.

    Of course, my iPhone like a lot of others is now out of warranty and I can't upgrade yet anyways...even if I wanted to.  I don't want to upgrade right now as I would rather wait until the next one comes out...hopefully in the fall.

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    Hi mate have just tried this after not being able to hear people unless i put it on loudspeaker or had my headphones in.  Was already on 3g so took it off then back on and also enabled roaming, were back on, nice one mate, not so ****** off now ;-)

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    So just an update...

    The audio dropped on my phone again during a call and I couldn't get it back.


    I called Rogers and their option was to pay $195 for an early upgrade fee (I am at 22 months into my 36 month contract) PLUS pay $169 for a 4Gs and be locked into another 3 year contract.  They also suggested if I was close to an Apple store, I should try and see what they can do.


    I live downtown and was lucky enough to get an appointment with them 30 minutes after I first arrived at the Eaton Centre store.  The tech guy verified that "ya, the audio out isn't working".  He took my phone into the back and verified the mic was working only intermittently.  He offered to do a reboot/restore (I don't remember exactly) but said he couldn't guarantee I wouldn't experience the same issues within an hour/a day/a week.  The other option he offered was to buy a new iPhone 4 from them for $169. 


    Like a lot of people now, this is my only phone so I need it and I don't have to time to keep running to the Apple store to get them to try and fix it.  I took the option of a new 4.  With any luck, when the next phone comes out, I can sell this new iPhone 4 and recoup a good portion of what I paid as it shoul only be a few months old.


    I know the option I chose isn't for everyone but it's what worked best for me.

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    This happened to my iPhone 4 on June 22, 2012. Suddenly the receiver stopped working. Everything else is working just fine. The phone is out of warranty and Apple wants me to pay in order to fix it or $650 for a new phone. Seriously?? I have phones in house much older than my 2-yr old iPhone 4 (from 2005 and 2006) - no one had a problem! This has to be fixed by Apple free of charge! I don't care if my phone is out of 1-year warranty! This seems to me like they sent a command to our phones remotely from their "cloud" in random order so we would bring them our money. I was trying everything including full reset, restored operating system, plugging/unplugging headphones, switching on/off bluetooth and speakerphone - the issue didn't go away. This could be a controller firmware problem that is being activated randomly on iPhones 4 and 4S. My phone was not dropped during two years of service, nor was in water or other unacceptable circumstances. I want to continue to use my phone for more than two years! There are 172 pages about the same problem like it was with antennae. I was planning to get the next iPhone, but issues like this make me think twice before getting another Apple product. The same problem happened to my friend's iPhone 4, but it was under warranty and Apple replaced it. So, in conclusion, I want to say that this problem is a hardware/software/firmware flaw in Apple iPhone 4 and 4S and has to be fixed by Apple free of charge!


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    There is a company in Poland, Europe, claiming that the whole problem with no audio during calls is caused by a multiplexer component.


    Here you have a youtube clip on that. They charge about 130$ for replacing it.


    And they say:

    "Układ który widzimy na filmie to multiplexer , przełączany stanami logicznymi którymi steruje procesor,

    jak doskonale widać nie jest on przylutowany jest tylko przyklejony."


    which means:

    "The component that we see on film is a multiplexer, switched by the logic states controlled by the processor, As we can see, it is not soldered is only glued."


    When I asked the company what makes them think it's the hardware problem not software, they asked me to poke my iPhone on its back during a call with no audio to see whether the problem persist or not. And to my surprise when I was getting furious with another no audio call, I did poke my iPhone's back and it did start working! Till the next time of course.


    This is sooooo not right. It's a device that should work without being asked, forced or poked to work.


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    Why oh why did the host edit MY POST??????


    Were are we, in China????


    Stop editing the post you don't like, and start working on fixing your devices so that they don't make us all want to hunt you down and kick your *****...

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    Oh I'm so down with you wallzack!  Apple just need to fix this crap first before rolling out with the new device as i has much anticipated it would happen on the new 4S phone. I'm going to wait for a class action soon on this issue. Also I think everyone with this issue need to filed to the FTC like mr.script did. Shame on you Apple to treat your customer like this!