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  • Utopia39 Level 1 Level 1

    I have an Iphone 5 for a week now and the no audio on outgoing calls issue already happened twice. The first time, it was fixed when I set 'Enable LTE' to Off and turn it back on. Today it happened again but the previous solution didn't work. It finally worked when I set Hearing Aid mode to ON. This can be found under General > Accessibility > Haring Aids.


    Hope this fix is permanent on my phone. If this happens again, I am getting it replaced from Apple.

  • da womabt Level 1 Level 1

    Just got the iPhone 5 a week ago.  OCNA still a problem.  On my phone it's never worked.  I get audio from speaker phone mode, ear buds, even blue tooth in my car, just not the phone. Tried all the suggestions here, now I get to wait in a line for a Genius to tell me what I already know.  I need a new phone.

  • Utopia39 Level 1 Level 1

    It happened again and had to bring it to the Genius Bar. Don't know exactly what was done to my phone but I was told that the speaker was 'cleaned'. It is still working ok up to now.

  • Utopia39 Level 1 Level 1

    The issue came back yesterday. Tapping the back of the phone fixed the issue momentarily. Today I lost the audio when I got incoming calls. I figured out it must be hardware related.


    Just came back from the Genius bar where I got my phone replaced. Genius said the receiver might be dead. Hopefully this is the last trip to the Genius bar.

  • horacebork Level 1 Level 1

    i think this might be a hardware problem, tho might not be what you expect.

    i started having this problem and went thru many pages on this forum.

    did the 'sim' trick: no go. didn't do the cardboard trick.

    finally read about someone cleaning the headphone jack.

    if the headphone jack thinks there is something plugged in, sound won't go to the handset ear speaker.

    if the problem is the headphone jack, try plugging in and unplugging a headphone.

    or cleaning, or something. mine started working after a little jingle-jangle.


    reading other posts about the sim card, icloud, cardboard trick, rapping the phone, etc. and their phone

    then starts working.. makes me wonder: perhaps handling the phone enough jangles the headphone jack

    just right and gets the connection to stop thinking there is something plugged in.


    i really hope this helps someone..

  • Motagaly Level 1 Level 1



    The problem came back and "changing SIM" fix did not work this time, (worked 5 times before), i finally gave Apple a call, and after several emails and calls/recommendations during a complete week, here is what I finally did to kill the problem.


    And the problem was gone forever "I think"



    Since the iPhone was out of warranty, I held my breath and opened it in a will to be able to fix it, and I did


    Pressing on the logic board fixed the problem, so I assumed it was a loose connection, took the logic board completely out and cleaned all the contacts and reassembled it again (with ifixit tutorial), but the problem was still there!! Then I instated a small piece of soft foam in between the logic board and the back of iPhone, and that solved the problem completely as it keeps the Logic board pressed "softly, but all the time" and I have been using the iPhone for the past 10 days without any problem.


    Seems like "switching the SIM card" fix was just moving the logic board slightly to fix the problem.

  • queenrachee Level 1 Level 1

    I had this problem with my phone..just out of nowhere (it seemed) the outgoing audio didn't work.  I could hear the other person on the line perfectly, but they couldn't hear a word of what I was saying.  Nothing, not even static.  So I looked at this forum and all these complicated fixes, and I remembered I had my phone lying around on the counter so maybe it got wet, or dirty.   I tried, according to one suggestion, to clean the speakers with a qtip and rubbing alcohol.  I also held the hairdryer there for a couple minutes just to make sure speakers not wet.   After these steps, the audio was restored.   So, I guess bottom line try simple first before you go into complex technical fixes.

  • horacebork Level 1 Level 1

    @queenarchee - i agree. i think there are simple things that go wrong with the iphone.


    i definitely believe that there can be serious problems with it, but it does pay to do the simple things.


    we should build a kb for all the things that we have experienced for audio going out and how it was restored.

  • Redmundial80 Level 1 Level 1

    I just bought a 2nd hand iphone 4 off my boss with iOS 6, worked fine for a few days then started having this issue where on call I couldnt hear anything in earpiece, speaker or weird...I found a fix though, I just tapped the back of the phone and hey presto its working weird, ive no idea of the technical reason but as before I thought it was software, now im sure its hardware related...lets see how long it lasts, I dont wanna ask my boss for a refund haha!

  • tbancroft61 Level 1 Level 1

    Do you know if the location of your foam is the same location recommended in the youTube video on correcting this problem. I have 5 family members with these phones and am afraid to upgrade the software until there is a fix. I upgraded one and it is having this problem and got what seems like the standard Apple response of "buy a new phone" or "pay for an exchange" because it is 21 days out of warranty now.

  • Motagaly Level 1 Level 1

    send me the video link

  • tbancroft61 Level 1 Level 1

    It is the link on Page 174 of this discussion and on a couple of other pages. YouTube "How to fix the iphone 4 (4s) Mic problem"

  • Motagaly Level 1 Level 1

    Ok , at the xxxxxx signs Ihave insterted my soft foam, between the logic board and the iPhone back cover.



  • Motagaly Level 1 Level 1

    Ok, the place of the foam is totaly different (please note that my problem was the sound from the speakers during phone calls not the mic, the mic was working in my case and the other party was hearing my voice clearly as I asked them after every incidence; however I was hearing nothing) now after that foam it was fixed forever.

  • Level 2 Level 2

    edefreeman wrote:


    ...Anyhow, watch this video, very simple to do, just need a very small screwdriver, a thin piece of cardboard, and scissors.



    Add me to the list of broken audio in a iP4. Going to try this tip in the video and will see what happens.