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when i tell Siri, "set up a photo shoot with Diana for 1:00 on saturday" it gets everything right.  the appointment is set to the right time and everything else looks good.  then Siri asks something like, "should i add this appointment to your calendar?" and i say, "Yes", Siri reliably interprets Yes as Yet, tells me it doesn't understand, and gives me a list of things i can change about the appointment.  however, if i say, "confirm" the appointment is added to my calendar without problem.


i would have expected "yes" to be a valid answer to confirmation question.  it seems more natural language to me.  does anyone else have this problem?

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    Yes. When I say just "yes", it always comes back with "Sorry, I don't understand what you said". But If I say "yes, please", it says "OK, I'll add that reminder". Very odd. But it understands the word "yes". Maybe it just likes the magic word?


    When it doesn't understand my confirmation, it seems to lose the original item that it asked for confirmation about. This is very troubling. Then I have to start all over again.