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OK, I bought my first ever iPhone 4s (yes, I was one of those that queued for hours ha) and it was worth the wait. I had previously been a Blackberry user for 6 years but the new iPhone, I just had to have it to complete all my Apple gear.


The phone is awesome! but, when I take pictures they land in my photo stream, get whizzed to my iMac, my MacBook Pro and my iPad - which is all great! apart from those rubbish shots I want to delete. Therein lies my problem. I know I can be a bit stupid at times and the solution is probably right under my nose and I cannot see it, but how on earth do I delete a photo from my photo stream? I have Lion in my MacPro and my iMac and iCloud is in the iPad and the iPhone, so a couple of really crap pictures I took are now sitting in the photostream of all my machines!


How do I delete them? anyone know? help much appreciated as its been driving me nuts all night

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    You can't currently delete individual photos but you can reset


    Step 1: Login to your iCloud account on iCloud.com from a Mac or PC.

    How to Delete Photos from iCloud’s Photo Stream

    Step 2: Click on your name at the top right of the main iCloud page.

    Step 3: Click on the Advanced option.

    How to Delete Photos from iCloud’s Photo Stream

    Step 4: Click “Reset Photo Stream.” You will then need to confirm.

    How to Delete Photos from iCloud’s Photo Stream

    Step 5: This Photo Stream reset will not go into effect until you toggle Photo Stream on and off on your devices. In iOS, Photo Stream can be turned off and on in the iCloud settings window of the Settings app.

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    I'm happy, that worked, thank you very much. I've been trying to sort this for hours.

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    Glad to help

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    This helped!  I discovered that you can do it another way too though without needing your Mac or PC.  Go to Settings in your phone, select "iCloud", then select "Photo Stream" and turn it off.  You will get a warning that this will delete all photos in your photo stream and just go ahead and delete.  Voila!!  (and Phew, cos this one was annoying - I think Apple should fix this - the ability to delete directly on your phone in anything other than camera roll - for future upgrades!!)

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    They really do need to add individual management, including delete, to the Photo Stream from iOS.