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I've seen this issue in other threads but it persists for me. I only have a single Apple ID and I've verified at appleid.apple.com that both my alternate email addresses show there as "verified". But when I attempt to use either of those addresses on my iPad with iMessage, it says "Unable to verify address. An email with a verification link has been sent to the above email address." And the email is never received (regardless of which email address I use). An interesting data point here is that the apple ID is actually my old ".mac" email address, but that email address has been defunct for years (apple won't let me change the primary email address). That is _not_ the address that I'm giving to iMessage, I'm using my alternate active, verified email addresses.

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    For what it's worth, my wife has the same problem with her iPad, but her Apple ID is _not_ an old .mac address, it's just a gmail address. But she never receives the verification email.

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    This most likely means you have a 2nd AppleID that has this same email address listed as an alternate email address for it.


    Manage Your Account at



    Check to see if any of your other email addresses or AppleIDs and family members email addresses or AppleIDs have your main email account associated with it as an alternate email… because if they do, it won't send the verification email since it's already verified to another account.


    You may need to change your email account to a 3rd or 4th one to disassociate it with this one first; then on the Apple ID website there's a section that says: Not Sure if you have an Apple ID? Find Out >


    This will help you find the name on the other account and if you cannot get in to that account you should be able to receive a password reset to it.


    If you cannot find the account you can try emailing iTunes and/or call Apple and check if they can find the account that is still associated with the email address you are trying to use for this.


    iTunes Support - Email Option:



    iPhone technical support: (U.S.)

    1-800-MY-IPHONE (1-800-694-7466)


    iPod, Mac and iPad technical support: (U.S.)

    1-800-APL-CARE (1-800-275-2273)


    (if you call they MAY be able to grant an exception to the phone support of your device due to it being an account problem or iCloud problem)


    Alternatively you can always set up a new email account with gmail, yahoo, aol, etc.. and change your account to that one so you still have your account media it'll just be under a different email address than you're used to.

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    I'm aware of that issue, but if you read my original message, it clearly says "I only have a single Apple ID." I've already explored that possibility. Also, as far as "set up a new email account..." Apple will not let me change from my original .mac account ID -- it's specifically prohibited for original .mac addresses (which is totally lame).

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    I had the same problem but not anymore and ALL I had to do was go to appleid.apple.com and delet the two verified email addresses that I had, or one in your case, and then went back to my iPod TOuch and reset all the settings, then tried it and it worked in a sec. Good luck.

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    Thank you MapplePerson2, this response resolved the issue I was having.

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    OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been dealing with this for a while and the the local suport guy wasn't very helpful.

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    We have a similar problem.

    My daughter was using my iPad to iMessage her friends using her email which we verified successfully. Then a few days later she logged out and tried briefly to set up FaceTime on my iPad ... Which hadn't been done yet.


    Now, she is unable to get back into her iMessage. She uses the same email and password as before and she gets,

    "unable to verify address. An email with a verification link has been sent to the above email address"


    But of course it hasn't. We've tried repeatedly.


    We have gone to appleid.apple.com and checked her one email and password are registered there and it says verified there on her account information.


    We tried clicking on the original verification emailed link sent at the beginning whenwe got it to work fine but it said "already verified" .


    Any simple suggestions?  I don't want to set her up with a new email. I can see the same thing happening again and her ending up with multiple email accounts which is just messy.


    Many thanks

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    Thank you .


    Deleting the additionla Email Address , in this cas my ICloud address, did it , problem solved ..

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    That worked Maple.