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Hi iPhone 4 users.  I believe I have identified a potential issue with IOS-5 and would like to understand from this community if anyone is having the same issue.


What I have identified is that when sending photos from your library rotation of photos change from what is visible on the phone versus what has been recieved via email.  The test was determined using GMAIL via WEB, GMAIL via Outlook Client, and corporate exchange mail using outlook also.  Please note that the reason why I suspect IOS5 issue is that I have replicated the same fault using the iPad 2 features.


  • When you send an email to the similar email clients as listed above choosing a photo image from your
    library the photo as displayed on the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 matches what was recieved via email,
  • If you select a photo from your library select edit and change the rotation of the file. It prompts you to
    save it into your Camera Roll folder. When you select the edited photo from Camera Roll and email it
    to the same email clients the photo comes through as per the original prior to the rotation.  As a result
    appears that rotation appears ok on both devices but not when sent via email,
  • If you decide to take a new photo on either iPhone 4 or iPad 2 in landscape with (home button to the left side
    when holding it). The photo appears in the correct orientation on both devices however when you email them
    they come through as 180 degrees rotated upside down,
  • If you decide to take a new photo on either ihone 4 or iPad 2 in portrait with (home button to the bottom side
    when holding it)  The photo appears in the correct oerientation on both devices however when you email them
    they come through as 90 degress rotated left,
  • If you decide to tale a new photo on either iPhone 4 or iPad 2 in landscape upside down (home button to the right side
    when holding it)  The photo appears in the correct oerientation on both devices however when you email them
    they come through as per what is on the devices. Dilema is that you need to hold the phone differently to get the result you want.


NOTE: That when using screen capture photos, they get delivered just fine.  In addition I have tested 2 other iPhone 4 all on IOS 5
            with all having the same result.  An iPhone 4 on 4.3.5 does not have this issue.  This may remove hardware issues unless otherwise it is an issue with the Ghyroscope sensors software updates????


Anyone having the same issue please so we can log a call with Apple to get this issue resolved.

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    This is very confusing.  Being right-handed I appreciated being able to hold the iPod in the landscape position and use the volume-up button to take the shot.  Imagine my surprise when I looked at the photos using Windows Explorer to find them all upside down.


    After reading your observations I mailed a photo taken this way with the IOS5 mail program and with e-photo (free).  The picture sent with the IOS5 mail program arrived upside-down however the same picture sent with e-photo (free) arrive rightside-up.

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    I have the same problem. Still no real fix. I found one thing that maybe helpful but time consuming.


    TIP: If you 1) edit the pictures on the iPhone 4s (just click edit) and Only Rotate them once to any direction. 2) Clcik SAVE 3) Then transfer them to your PC 4) Problem solved and now you can rotate and edit the picture on your computer.


    But it is time consuming doing this for every picture. Second thing I noticed is the picture orienttion is completely off.


    1) I you take the a normal Photo with iPhone vertical --> the transfered pictures are no longer in Portrait when transfered to PC (They are rotate 90 deg and look side ways)


    2) If you take the picture using the phone in a side way orientation (Landscape) with the volume buttons up --> once transfered to PC they will be in Landscape but Upside Down


    and vive versa for the other two positions.


    So if you take a picture with your iPhone like a camera with the convinience of the Volume Button then all your pictures are save upside down. (Its like buying a digital camera and having to hold it upside down to get a right side up picture)


    Apple needs to fix the orientation and tag problem soon. As if this awful battery life wasn't ******* me off enough already.


    PS. In other forums some suggested it was an issue with Photostream. I never even turned on Photo Stream so I don't think photo stream being on or not has anything to do with it.

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    Same problem!

    Apple, FIXIT!

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    Yes I take a photo and find when transferred to my pc, it is upside down!

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    The same problem and have told Apple about it a year ago. I keep hoping with each OS update it will be resolved. The only way it is resolved is to buy a different app like Camera plus. Your pictures will always be the correct orientation. 

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    Yes I have same problem it is the same with video too APPLE come on fix it asap

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    Yes windows can not turn it the right way around either as it moans of an error!

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    What I think Apple should do is add a camera settings feature to the settings tab that allows for two new options. Option one would be "camera frame orientation always up". This would mean that no matter how you hold the camera, up is always up on the photo or video. Option two would be "camera frame orientation fixed". A sub option here would allow the user to select either portrait or landscape (with home button on the right) as the default "up" orientation. That would allow those rare two or three people in the universe who really do want to take upside down or sideways photos to do so. The "always up" option would allow the rest of us to take photos without having to worry that they will come out jacked up. In any case, I sure hope Apple is reading its support blogs...seems like there are enough of us out there who are having this photo issue to merit a fix in a not-too-distant future iOS update.

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    When I email a photo taken by my iphone4s to my outlook express, it is turned 90 degrees CCW.


    When I email a photo that was not taken by my iphone, (ie a photo on my Iphone that was downloaded from another source), it appears in my outlook express in the proper orientation (ie the way it appears on my iphone).


    When I email a photo on my ipad (no camera, so all pictures on there are saved from another source) to my outlook express, it appears in the correct orientation.


    Those same emails, when accessed by my iphone, all appear in the correct orientaion.


    So, what does all that mean re the incorrect orientation from iphone camera picture emailed to outlook express (and a yahoo account as well)?