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Anyone know about this message I keep getting?


The URL https://calendar.google.com/calendar/dav/emailaddress@address.com/user///calendar.google.com/calendar/dav/emailaddress@address.com/user/ encountered HTTP error 302. Make sure the URL is correct.





PS. Somewhere along the line, it doubled my Google CalDAV account... so all the events were coming twice. I found that and deleted one of the accounts (preferences...accounts). I still get the error message though.

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    One of our users is also experiencing this issue witha similar error. I have a few more details.


    As long as you only view or add calendar items to the Google calendars, there are no problems or errors. As soon as you try to delete a calendar item on iCal and it tries to send that change to Google does the error pop-up.


    The same user/calendars are synced to an iPhone and there are no errors on the phone. You can add, delete, modify with no issues. All changes show up on iCal when they are made on the phone. If you attempt to delte an entry from the computer/iCal you get the error and triangle alert. Syncing stops.


    I have tried to delete the calendar and re-add it, but same issue.


    Any help out there?  Is this a Google or Apple issue?



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    Yes, this is a known issue google temporarily suspended deleting events to stop a bug that was deleting ALL events after transition to icloud.



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    Thank you for pointing this out. I was having this problem also. Now I know to only delete from the Google Calendar website.


    However now I've got another issue. Some events that I have deleted from the Google Calendar website are still showing up on my iCal even after a manual update. But here's the really weird twist... it's not all deleted events. Some will go away after a refresh, but others will not. Truly odd, right?


    Any ideas as to what to do about it?

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    Thanks for the discussion, all. At this point I am taking a wait and see approach. I am almost certain it is fixed?? Haven't seen the problem in over a week.

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    Still having this problem here! 


    Also, iPhone 4S can add events but they don't appear on the google calendar.  Weirdly, they still sync to other iOS and Mac devices!


    Editing events results in some devices keeping the original event and adding the edited version - so duplication - but who is to know which event is the updated one??



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    Hi all,


    I was just putzing around with our google calendar / ical setup today at work to find that google's delete block is still in place. Does anybody have any information on the general timeline for these repairs or if any progress has been made? There seems to be precious little information online about this issue.

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    We are no longer getting any errors when deleteing calendar items from Google Calendars using iCal.  All of our users are on Mac OS 10.6.8 running iCal v 4.0.4.  We can add an item, delete it, and we do not get the URL errors.  It has been this way since about Friday of last week.


    No one is using iCloud (due to 10.6.8) and along with everyone's own Google Calendar, there are six shared calendars. All of them can sync with no errors after deleteing.

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    That's interesting mbollwitt.  I'm using 10.6.8 on one macbook, and I just tried adding an event and then deleting it.  It appeared on the google calendar, and then synced to my phone.  So the ical delete block is still alive and well here.


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    Hi. I am having this problem since I upgraded my Macbook Pro to Mountain Lion.  My iCal does not have access to deleting items in the calendar according to my settings in google calendar.