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bhaskar21 Level 1 (10 points)

I was happily printing from my iPhone and my mom with the iPad till iOS 5.


Now neither of us are able to print. It says no "Airprint printers found"


How can I fix this?

I have an HP Photosmart e-print d110a.



iPhone 3GS and iPad 2.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.3.3
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    Answer Removed....Link updated

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    I have exact same problem. Ipad2, downloaded ISO 5, and now can not print to my HP D110a. This is big problem. Lots of school work on my ipad and midterms started. This *****.

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    Apparently this utility works but is not free...



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    ...another jab from apple to be in controll of how we use our devices...they also blocked the pdf creator that I had purchased and removed it from the apple store.  When you have a feature and then apple chooses to block it from working, that is called STEALING!!  I hope a major class action suite results for these tyrants!  Secondly, there should be a disclaimer to identify any features that would no longer function with the install of any update.  It's just common courtesy and good business practice.

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    I have a windows 7 machine, HP D110 printer, Dlink DIR-655 router, and an ipad and iphone both upgraded to ios5.  Everything was working great until the upgrade.  Now only windows 7 machine can print wirelessly .  Neither ios5 device can find the printer as before.  When I restart the printer, it can be seen by ios5 devices for about 2 minutes then no longer.  I have restarted every device, the router, checked firmware versions, and still nothing.  The setup is no different than before ios5, just now it does not work. 

  • Mr. Kelly Freebairn Level 4 (3,725 points)

    I went to HP's web support and found that if your bluetooth is turn on, this will not allow your printer to show up. Go into settings/General/Bluetooth/ and turn off bluetooth. When I did this, my airprint works again.