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I have an iPod, iPad 2 and iPhone 4 form Verizon.

Setup iMessage in all 3 devides with same iCloud account, i receive the messages on the iPod and iPad 2, but no messages received or any messages i send work on my Verizon iPhone 4.

My husband has one too, i setup and it works fine, the only difference between him and I is that he has a txt plan, so i left the option Send As SMS on, while i turned that off for me since i don't have a text plan with my carrier.

I already restart my devide and that did not help.


Anybody experiencing the same problem?

iPhone 4, iOS 5, Verizon
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    Yes, My g/f & I both have iPhone 4's... iMessage gave me errors saying cannot send message. But, when she used it, hers worked sometimes.  I just chalk it up to overloaded servers (even this discussion site is turtle slow) &/or haste to get this feature into iOS 5... I personally don't care, we both have Unlimited worldwide texting plans & aren't too excited about messaging programs.  We just turned the feature off.