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I have a new @me e-mail address via the new iOS5 and cloud.  My current primary apple id uses a gmail e-mail address.  It appears that it will not allow me to make my @me e-mail address the primary apple id.  Is this true?  Any way around this?


I really want to eliminate my gmail e-mail and make my @me email my primary.  If this is not possible yet I want to express my desire in allowing this. 



  • Coostics Level 1 Level 1

    I just want to add before I get responses...  I understand that your new @me e-mail can be considered an Apple ID.  But is it not true that it is tied to your existing Apple ID that has a primary e-mail address like gmail?  So your @me e-mail is a secondary or slave to your primary. 


    What I am asking is - shouldn't you be able to make your primary the @me e-mail and secondary the gmail?  And therefore, you could delete the secondary all together since it is not required.

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    I have exactly the same problem, and yes your @me is tied to the same account, i.e if you log on using your me address and password u get into same account so it's insane that u cannot use this address as your primary? ***.


    As I don't see any replies I'm assuming this is it, Apple are starting to annoy me (no pun intended).

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    your @me address IS an Apple ID.

    However, you can add the G-Mail address to the @me account on appleid.apple.com.

    Many people do not realise that the @me 'Email' is an Apple ID.

    Log into appleid.apple.com using the @me address and password.

    Click 'Add Email Address' add the G-Mail address.


    The G-Mail Apple ID allows you to add other addresses such as AOL, Yahoo etc. because they are EMAIL addresses.

    The @me address (That is set up as an email address) Is an Apple ID.

    Same goes for trying to change the primary @me Apple ID address to the G-Mail address, that is already used as an Apple ID.


    Sorry if I sound confusing.


    Let me know how this goes

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    I think people just want to be able to delete the secondary all together.  Why should I keep a G-Mail account if I don't need to?  I want a ME account only.  Wouldn't Apple want this?


    I tried to explain this on the phone to Apple Support and mentioned that wouldn't you want to elminate the competition?  Wouldn't you want people to ditch using GMail.  His response was that Google wasn't a competitor and he doesn't understand what my desire was. 


    I'm not the only one who want's to ditch the secondary all together...