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How do I deactivate voice over on my IPAD2

iPod touch, iOS 4.3, new ipod touch 4
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    you might have to go to Settings>generald>accessibility then turn the voice over OFF and Speak selection OFF

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    If you stuck at, for example, the passcode lock screen, the touch or tap the field that you want to use/select and it should get a box around it ; then double-tap that field to activate/type it. Once you've entered your password you can do the same (i.e. touch to select, double-tap to activate) to gradually get into  Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver and turn it off.


    So to enter your passcode you first need to tap the 'slide to unlock' button to highlight it (it should get a box around it), then double-tap it to unlock it. Then for your passcode tap the digit that you want and it should get a box around it; then double-tap that digit to type it; and similar for the other three digits in your passcode.

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    This helped me a lot. Thank you