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upgraded ipad2 to iOS5 but failed activation due to that activation server access error. is this a problem on my unit (windows firewall and/or network) or the Apple server? was thinking of restoring to iOS4.3.5 instead, but worried of other error messages which may further arise.

iPad 2, iOS 5
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    I was uanble to activate mine after upgrading to IOS 5....Verizon told me that they are having problems on their end due to the IOS 5 update.  Apparently they had it working with the Beta, but then Apple went ahead and released IOS 5 with addtional changes and failed to tell Verizon about it.  So now they have to update the activation process through the device and it's going to take some time to accomplish that (they said it could be a couple weeks).  For now you can call and activate over the phone, but there is a $35 activation fee--- really ticks me off, because the activation fee should be waved while they are fixing the problem, but you know how these cell phone companies are.

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    thanks! i did that as well but didn't continue because of that activation fee. i tried again to connect a day after and now my unit has been activated w/o even paying the fees. that was outstanding, though i still have to check how this update works on all of my apps. hopefully there would be no more issues at all. it really just takes a lot of patience...

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    I still can't get mine to activate lol; I tried all day yesterday and this morning, and still says "Cannot Activate Your iPad"....I've pretty much just given up for now and will probably end up going to my local store next week to see if I can get someone to help me.  It just really burns me that they want to extort $35 out of me, but others are activating without the stupid fee.  I'd just like to be able to get online while I'm out and about, but apparently Verizon just *****.  I wish I would have gone with AT&T, but unfortunately reception for AT&T here is spotty so I went with Verizon thinking I'd get the better company (how wrong I was).  I don't like to be rude or mean to people in customer service, but being nice is apparently not appreciated because I'm sure someone could have activated my iPad yesterday and waved the $35 activation fee.

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    Holy crap I finally figured it out!  Apparently I was calling the wrong number???  LOL or people at Verizon have no clue!  I can't believe I had to spend the last 2 days reading through forums and message boards to finally come up with this solution.  It should have been as easy as calling Verizon and just getting this done.  Apparently there is a secret to getting pre-paid mobile broadband enabled on your iPad you bought from Apple.


    NOTE:  this applies only If you purchase your iPad from Apple (new or refurb).


    If you cannot get your iPad to activate and you purchased it from Apple, chances are Verizon doesn't have your MEID number in their system.  Mine was failing with the message "Cannot activate your iPad" when trying to activate it through the device.


    1.  Call 800-256-4646 and press 1. 


    2.  Tell the sales rep that you are interested in activating your iPad mobile broadband and you want the 1gig $20 pre-paid plan (even if you don't), and turn down the $30 a month with $35 activation fee plan they might offer-- tell then you want prepaid.  They will transfer you to the right department.  Wait on hold and enjoy the music.


    3.  When you get on the phone with the CSR, tell them you have an iPad 2 Verizon model you bought from Apple and need to REGISTER it on their network so you can activate it (it's important you tell them you bought it from apple, not them).  The CSR will transfer you to a tech, if not ask for a tech.  Enjoy the music while you are on hold.


    4.  Tell the tech the same thing and then give them your MEID, which you can find in setting --> general ---> about and it just above the Modem Firmware.  The tech will check to see if your MEID is in the system.   If it is not, the tech will need to submit it, and the process will take about 72 hours.  After 72 hours you should be able to activate your iPad 2!