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I cannot get to work the calendars properly on iPad after updating to icloud. On my iphone everything works fine, but the iPad won't load the calendar list. I tried the solutions proposed by apple (turning calendar app off, turning icloud off and on etc.) but the calendars simply don't show up. on icloud.com and ical on mac and iphone I see everything and sync works well there, only the ipad doesn't like the cloud I suppose...

Any hints?



iPad, iOS 5
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    hmm... checked a little more and came to a solution: deep inside the icloud account settings (settings->icloud->account->"erweitert" (sorry, the last option at the bottom :-)) there still was a mobileme setting, lets say although everything should have been icloud, there was a smpt mobile me server... deleted icloud account completely, set it up again, now everything works fine. strange, anyway...