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rraheja Level 1 (5 points)

I am having some major issues with iOS 5 on my iPad 2.


1. I imported iPhone 4 photos using the Camera Connection Kit. I use the Photo Edit (native iOS5) capability and it shows my enhanced, cropped and red-eye corrected photo. I save the photo and the changes are visible in Camera Roll, with no trace of the original. Now, I did find that I can revert back to the original, so obviously Apple is not removing the original. However, the problem is that when sync'ing photos back to the computer (PC) or even uploading photos via Dropbox or any other app, only the original photo gets uploaded/sync'ed. I can understand a third party app (Dropbox) not being able to see the edits, but the import of photos via the standard Windows import also does not get any of the edits made. This defeats the purpose of using the larger real estate of the iPad to import photos from the iPhone - one of the main reasons I purchased the Camera Connection Kit. Even Photostream is limited use (except to just see the pictures, but you cannot do anything!). Now the only way around this was to NOT use the iOS5 Edit feature and instead use Snapstream or Photoshop Express and Save As a new picture in the Camera Roll.


I have not found any workaround for this, so would appreciate if anyone has a solution for this as I was hoping to use my iPad exclusively for my photo editing workflow.


2. iOS5 has a new capability to create Albums on the iPad. However, if I select pictures in my PhotoStream and then Add To... an album, it randomly chooses a subset of the pictures, or sometimes even just the first picture from my PhotoStream and then copies them over to the new Album. At times even if I select just one picture to copy to a new album, it copies a different picture.


The only solution I found for this issue was to first select all the required pictures from the Photostream and Save To Camera Roll; then go to the camera roll and add photos to the albums as needed.


3. New edited photos (via third party apps) that are saved to the Camera Roll sometimes just do not appear in the PhotoStream.


So much for cutting the cord; it seems the best way to reliably cut the cord for photo sync is to still use Dropbox and not use the built-in iOS5 edit feature. Hope Apple issues a fix for these issues soon.


btw, if anyone has a link to logging bugs for iOS5 please let me know. Could not find it on the support site.


  • Michael Duffy1 Level 2 (160 points)

    I, too, am confused at the Photo Editing functionality of iOS 5.  What are we supposed to do with this?  It doesn't seem to be integrated into ANYTHING.  It's like a separate group at Apple built the editing function and dumped it in at the end.  Why can't I get the edit into Photostream?  Why can't I wirelessly get it back to iPhoto?  Or am I just  missing something here?  And why doesn't iCloud have a Gallery feature???

  • Michael Duffy1 Level 2 (160 points)

    Hmm -- my complaint above about photo editing, syncing, and the photostream is not correct, apparently.


    I edited a photo on my iPhone yesterday.  It was saved to the Camera Roll and then nothing else happened.  It did not go to the Photostream.  However, at some point yesterday, it DID get to the photostream. Not sure when -- I did a wireless sync last night.



    1. something eventually caused the iPhone to load it into the photostream or

    2. the sync put it in iPhoto and iPhoto put it in the photostream or

    3. the sync did... something else?

    Does anyone know exactly how this is/should be working?  (I know my example is iPhone and this is the iPad forum.  Hopefully, that is irrelevant here).


  • rraheja Level 1 (5 points)

    @Michael Duffy1, How did you edit the photos? The only workaround I found was to not edit using iOS5 camera edit functionality, but edit using Photoshop Express or Snapseed i.e. any third party app. This results in a NEW picture saved to the Camera Roll, which then appears in Photostream. However, native iOS5 camera edit functionality does not seem to modify the picture in the Camera Roll, and hence it does not make it into Photostream.


    A sync with iPhoto may have triggered the pictures into Photostream, but it would be interesting if the photo that was sync was the edited one.


    Either way, the issue is that even if edited pic gets synced then the original is now lost. And the other way round, the edits are lost. Ideally, both the edited and originals should be synced, similar to the Google Picasa approach of saving originals in a subfolder.

  • Michael Duffy1 Level 2 (160 points)

    In the example given above, it was a photo that I had taken with my DSLR and loaded into iPhoto.  I opened it from the PhotoStream on my iPhone and cropped it.  When I saved it, it went to my Camera Roll.  As I said, eventually, that saved, edited photo was uploaded to the PhotoStream.


    Good news... and Bad news: The edit is not destructive!  PhotoStream and thus, iDevices and iPhoto have the whole picture AND know about the crop.  However, the EXIF information was lost during the save and the photo was renamed.


    This morning, I took a picture with my iPad and cropped it immediately.  In this case, the change was saved to that picture in the camera roll; it did not create a new copy.  Probably because I edited it immediately, the load to the PhotoStream showed the crop. 


    Good news... and Bad news:  In this case, the EXIF information was retained.  However, subsequent edits do not seem to be reflected in the Photostream.  And other than hooking the device up to the Mac and importing them, I don't see how you could get them into iPhoto.


    At this point, I'm fairly confident wireless sync will only pull photos from iPhoto and that photos cannot move from an iDevice to iPhoto via wireless sync.

  • smacrom Level 1 (0 points)

    I'd like to draw some attention to this - it is REALLY frustrating. Editing photos on iOS 5 is simply useless on my device; they cannot be transferred, imported, uploaded or anything. They aren't really saved. For the record, I have an iPhone 4, 32 GB and I have tried to upload my "edited" photos everywhere on the web to no avail. They also won't show up edited on the computer.


    The worst thing is that iOS 5 shipped with a TON of perceivable bugs. Music and Photo apps alone, they are totally screwed. The last stable and smooth iOS version I had the pleasure of using was 4.2.1 . Since then, it's been a really bumpy ride...


    iOS 5: the best iOS ever, delivered in the worst state possible.

  • rraheja Level 1 (5 points)

    This is interesting. I cannot see any of the Edits on Windows. Here is the workflow:


    1. Take a picture on iPad. It appears in Photostream once connected to wifi.

    2. Open picture in Photostream, edit (crop) using Native iOS5 Edit feature. It asks to save a copy to Camera Roll and the edited photo appears in the Photostream!

    3. If the original photostream photo is saved to Camera Roll BEFORE edit, then any future edits are not saved/updated to Camera Roll. However, if edited DIRECTLY from Photostream as in #2, then it prompts to save to Camera Roll.

    4. Now here is the interesting part. The photostream on the PC downloads the newly edited/cropped photostream picture, however, upon opening in Windows Photo Viewer, Picasa or any other software, ALL EDITS ARE GONE. Although it seems like the cropping was "undone", the EXIF data still shows the CROPPED dimensions!


    So it seems that the iOS5 native editing simply updates the EXIF dimension settings for cropping and does not actually modify the photo, but it seems to be a non-standard way of handling this since none of the PC apps look at that.


    Looking for validation if iPhoto on Mac can see the cropped photos.


    On the topic of when the updates are applied to Photostream as well, it is confusing. As mentioned by Michael Duffy1, if edits are applied "immediately" they show inline. I tried this as well and it seems related to WHEN Photostream uploader picks up the image i.e. before or after the edit. If I turned WiFi off and edit the picture immediately after taking it and then turn wifi on, the Photostream shows edited picture (although the PC still has the EXIF anomaly described above).


    At this point, the only usefulness of Photostream seems to be the copying of the original untouched photos across devices. Any other use of iPad/iPhone in editing the pictures yields very inconsistent results.

  • Michael Duffy1 Level 2 (160 points)

    Yes, I can confirm that iPhoto can see the edits and does correctly display the crop. What's nice about that approach is that it is non-destructive.


    I wonder if that's how iPhoto handles all it's edits, as they are always non-destructive.  Of course, when you export from iPhoto, you get to pick Current or Original. The Current export collapses all the edits into the JPEG.

  • db247 Level 1 (0 points)

    It's a shame you can't transfer the created album though. I don't have iphoto so maybe you guys with macs can.

  • AUSEXPAT Level 1 (5 points)

    Having even more trouble. Have IOS5 on my iPad and the photo edit function isn't available or....I can't find a way to access it. The edit button isn't on the top right hand side. Tried tapping everything!!

  • R.Stewart Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same problem. Edited 20 photos on iphone 4gs but iphoto only imports original. Only way to get the edited photos is to email (but this is inconvenient and time consuming). Can't find any other way to get the edited photo to my mac. Importing using the cord is pointless cause no matter what the original is the only picture that imports. I guess Apple has to fix the problem wiht an unpdate but we have to scream and complain to get their attention. Apple please hear our cries!!!

  • fraveu Level 1 (0 points)

    THIS IS A PAIN! Apple fix this...

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,235 points)

    "Apple welcomes your feedback on its products"


  • fraveu Level 1 (0 points)

    Have you found any workaround?

  • Wingapo Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello everyone,


    I'm posting here because no one seems to be having a similar problem to mine involving the photo editing process. The short story of my problem is that ANY photo downloaded onto any device will automatically be resized to 3MP. If I load photos from my iPhone4 onto my iPad2 to edit on its larger screen with its faster processor they will on import be resized to 3MP. If I load photos from my Nikons, which are up to 14.2MP, they will automatically be resized to 3MP. This iOS5 and iOS5.0.1 update has completely negated my reasons for using and owning both the iPhone4 and the iPad2. What was an absolutely brilliant lightening speed workflow up to iOS4.3 allowing me to shoot and edit up to 3000 photos a day has now, thanks to iOS5, slowed down to less than 200 photos.


    The only work around for the resizing problem that I have found is to download photos from the iPhone4 and my Nikons to Aperture3 and export them to a desktop folder at full size then using a WiFi synching App. like WiFi Transfer, to synch the photos onto the iPad2, 100 photos at a time and I take 1000's a day, where they will show up and be editable at full size. The kicker with this workaround is that if at anytime before I am done editing and backing up my photos I decide to update any apps or allow iTunes to backup any of my devices ALL my photos and edits will be automatically resized to 3MP, ruining hours days and even weeks of work. Due to the new iOS5 what used to be the fastest and least frustrating editing workflow I have ever experienced is now many times worse than trying to edit photos using Photoshop3 on a windows computer back in 1994. I was blown away when I first handled the iPhone4 and found that I could shoot edit and upload or download a photo in less than 2 minutes now because of iOS5 it takes 1-2 hours to accomplish what in iOS4.2 it took 2 minutes. This is beyond frustrating now that I have wiped and restored each of my divices multiple times and found a solution that takes an entire day to get original sized photos onto my devices that I can edit at full size, as long as I don't allow any of my devices near each other until my final edits are in Aperture3 and backedup on multiple HD's for insurance, a process that in iOS3 up to iOS4.3 worked effortlessly now takes days longer than before. Please if anyone has any ideas about what is going on here let me know.


    I haven't even thought about using iCloud as many here have because there is no way to control your uploads and no why to delete photos once they are in your photo stream unless you hit your space alotment. What has happened to Apple with Lion and iOS5? Right now Apple is even worse than any windows based computer I've ever used. This is so wrong.

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