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I upgraded to MS Office 2011 when I recently bought my new Macbook Pro which of course uses LION.  Been having a lot of headaches with this version of Office.  I wish I had not upgraded!  In any event, the most recent problem concerns opening Word files created in earlier versions.  This first came to my attention when I received doc attached to an e-mail from a client.  At first I thought it came from their side, then I conducted some tests.  I tried opening the same file with a previous version of Word and with Pages.......and HAD NO PROBLEM.  File was not corrupt and opened just fine.  Then I decided to have a look at the thousands of word files I have stored on my computer and tried to open some of them with Word 2011.  To my dismay more than 75% of these files could not be opened with Word 2011. This is more with regard to .doc files and NOT to .docx files.  You cannot imagine my disappointment!


I then went to Microsoft Support site which believe it or not recognizes this problem.  Their solution: "open the file up with a previous version of word"  Can you believe how lame of a solution is that????  If I had known I was going to have to run a Office 2008 in tandem with Office 2011, I would have NEVER upgraded.


I am posting this here to try to get Microsoft to recognize that opening files with a previous version IS NOT A SOLUTION.  Help before I lose all my hair!!!!!!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)