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    I'm having a similar issue, I get a message that storage is almost full.  When I checked Usage (Settings-->General-->Usage) I see 0 MB of 13.7 GB is free.  I deleted several apps (this was not an iCloud message) but the message keeps popping up (I have 437 MB free now).  I tried a forced shutdown, but when the phone powers back on, it sits at the Apple screen.  I'm going to try a restore once I get home, and hope that resolves things.  One other symptom---everything on the phone is slow.  When I press an app icon, it takes 5 seconds to open the folder, then another 5 seconds to bring up the app.  Some apps display a blank screen, while others open, then force close.  If this was a Windows POS, I'd think I have a virus.  If a restore doesn't work, a trip to Verizon, and an upgrade to a 32 GB 4S may be in my future.  Hope that doesn't reset 2 year commitment, because I was going to upgrade to an iPhone 5 in October.  My message just started today and I haven't downloaded any new apps since Monday (I've been on iOS 5 since it came out, so this doesn't appear to be an iOS 5 issue).

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    Thanks dndrich.  That's the answer: 

    - perform iCloud backup

    - synch with your desktop

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    Yes, that does it. And, it is even more interesting as it turns out. When I travel, no wifi, so after a few days I would have the error message, that would clear after doing the above. So, I figured it must be one of my 3rd party apps, since only a handful of us are experiencing this problem. So, in the iCloud dialog on the phone, I eliminated the backup for all but the essential apps. Lo and behold, the next time I traveled without wifi no problem occured. So, one of the apps is doing this with some kind of large log file. I'm sure it could be figured out in developer mode by somebody who knows what they are doing, but that solves the problem basically permanently for me.

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    i have the same problem now and i did a factory setting by restoring it and it still shows up on my phone, but im also having problems with texting people. does anyone else have that problem also along with the storage problem?

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    I have (hopefully had) a similar problem. Tried all of the above but nothing worked. Restoring...

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    I have an 8GB iphone 4.  I have 52 pictures in my photo library taking up 207 MB, I have the emoji app taking up 2.7 MB, but my usage settings says I have used 6.1 GB and I only have 221 MB of space available.   I had to delete the Facebook app yesterday in order to take a picture.  Facebook was taking up about 250 MB.  I have no other apps. I can't install the latest software update because I don't have enought storage, but I hardly have anything on my phone.  What is taking up all of my space? 

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    Well, jsut restored factory settings and still get the message.... Any suggestions anyone...?

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    I had same issue almost a year ago, turning off Photo Stream then synching seemed to solve it for me? Never had problem again.

  • reedpam4449 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I had same issue almost a year ago, turning off Photo Stream then synching seemed to solve it for me? Never had problem again.

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    ps Kept Photo Stream off in Settings thereafter. I don't need it so never missed it, used regular Camera Roll to find latest photos.

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    Hey just tried that...didnt work...for some reason it wont let me back up, i try, so i click "back up now", then it tells me i dont have enough storage to backup, yet my icloud has 5GB available that i have not used at all, and my 'other' is occupied with 5.7GB, i have 1.5GB available and this is driving me crazy .___.

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    Well it didn't work! So as I couldn't send any text messages, I pulled up the trouble shooting page for texting. They suggest among other things to remove and reinsert the SIM card. This solved the problem but I lost all previous messages...

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    I managed to fix the problem after 2 months of researching.

    In contrast to what everyone says, it was not an easy fix.

    In my case, the problem was caused by one google labs application that was injecting birthdays in my gmail calendar but the format was probably not right.

    I managed to pinpoint the problem by using xcode and watching in real time the console logs from my icloud backup.

    It seemed that this google labs app filled up the sqlite db in the /library/calendars folder. The specific file was abnormally large. 722mb with hundrends of thousands of records.

    I used iBackupbot to extract the corrupted files (extras.db and Calendar.sqlitedb) to my pc and then after making a copy of them , i deleted them and created two files with the same names as the originals. I then imported them to the backup file and restored from this backup in the hope that the calendars db file will be recreated on first use.

    This is what actually happened and since then everything works fine.

    If you don't have xcode, then just use ibackupbot to see if there's a file that's too large and you might end up with the solution to the problem.


    Good luck to all of you

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    Did anyone ever figure out how to disable the "Storage Almost Full" warning? About 8 months ago I had this problem where the iPhone would yell at me twice a day with "Storage Almost Full."


    I was using 4.9GB out of my 5.0GB so I know that yes, indeed, storage was almost full. But I never could figure out how to get the iPhone to stop reminding me twice or three times a day.

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    This is not an iOS bug so just go ahead and check the file system of your phone like i described before.

    After i cleaned my corrupted DB, the phone seems like turbo charged.

    Something is filling up your memory, and in my case Apple has nothing to do with it, as this was caused by a third party app.

    Take one local backup and analyze it to see if any file is abnormally big.

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