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Hi, everyone.


I'm trying to determine if Siri is the problem or if I have a faulty iPhone 4S.  I know about restoring and making appointments at the Apple Store, etc.  I will do that after I run some more tests.  I'm just curious if anyone is running into the following symptoms.


(1)  Are your speakers at max volume after using Siri?  To create the scenario, turn your ringer volume down to the first 3-4 blocks, so it's quiet.  Sleep the screen.  Wake up the screen by activating Siri and ask a question.  Press the Home key to leave Siri.  Now, sleep the screen, wake it up, and slide to unlock.  Do you notice your volume is extremely loud while waking it and sliding to unlock?  The volume will return to your setting after a few seconds or a couple sleep/wake presses.


(2)  After using Siri at random times, do you notice that Siri doesn't pick up your voice when you're talking to the phone when it's about 3 inches from your face?  This is also the same distance that worked before the mic stopped picking up your voice.  If so, try talking to Siri by putting your mouth directly up to the mic.  Is that the only way you get her to pick up your voice during this scenario?  That's how it's been for me when trying to use Siri.


Thanks for your time.

iPad 2, iOS 5
Solved by chatche on Oct 19, 2011 10:16 AM Solved

(1) happens to me just as you described it. Seems to happen everytime I use Siri from the lock screen and sometimes even when using Siri with iPhone unlocked.

Reply by sutcha on Oct 19, 2011 11:49 PM Helpful

(1) having the same problem when I get a message while leaving siri. the message tone is really loud but the volume is still on the first 3 blocks...

Reply by ftlum on Oct 23, 2011 5:43 AM Helpful

It happens to me too.  It might be that Siri turns the volume up too long after reading your message back to you. I noticed my key clicks are particularly loud sometimes.

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