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In our household we have an Ipad2 which we share.  We also have separate iPhones

So, my question is this: If I want to set up iCloud so that i get the last 30 days of photos/videos synched with my Ipad and my wife wants to do the same from her iPhone is this possible onto the same Ipad?


Also, whilst Im at it, why didnt Apple introduce more 'dropbox' type functionality -eg where you can go into your photos/videos and chose one/many to upload into your iCloud? It seems daft that you can only have the last 30 days rolling, what if you want others available to your Ipad and other devices?


Any help much appreciated

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    You will have the same photos and videos on all three devices, assuming they are all using the same iCloud account.  Photo stream simply uploads stuff to iCloud, and all three devices will sync whatever's there.  Note, though, that this only works with the iPhone when on wifi.  If you have an unlimited data plan (which I gather has become rare these days), you won't be able to use PhotoStream over the 3G network.


    As to why Apple did anything, nobody can answer that without speculating, which is not allowed here.  If you like Dropbox better, note that you can use it instead, as "there's an app for that."

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    Thanks for your prompt response, but our requirements are a little different.


    I have an iphone which I take video/photos on. My wife has an iphone which she takes video/photos on

    We'd like to be able to view both sets of videos/photos on our shared Ipad 2 - is that possible?

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    If you're using the same iCloud account on both iPhones, there is no "both sets."  With iCloud and PhotoStream, there is one storage location where those photos and videos will be mixed and transferred to all three devices automatically.  So if that's not what you're looking for, PhotoStream is not the right solution.  I'm not actually using DropBox (yet...  I now have a Mac, an iPhone and an iPad, though, so probably will soon), but if you can connect to two different DropBox accounts easily, or create different folders on one DropBox account, that's probably a better solution.  Not as automatic, I'd guess, but you get a little more choice as to how things get done.