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Whenever I ask Siri to "remind me when I get home" it says it doesn't know my home address.


However I have my home address entered into my contact info correctly... The address book entry I use for myself has both my work and home addresses entered in exactly the same format. Siri will recognise my work address fine (I can say "remind me when I get to work" and it works perectly) and will happily recognise other people's addresses too, but for some reason I cannot get it to use my home address.


I've tried all of the following:


- Deleting my home address from my contact card and re-entering it.

- Changing my contact card to someone else and then changing it back to mine.

- Saying "my house" instead of "home" (but I doubt this is the problem as Siri says "By the way, I don't know where your home address is" so it must know that I'm trying to use my home address, it just doesn't know what the street adress actually is).


Has anyone got any further advice before I try the Genius bar?

iOS 5
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