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    Bill37, I suspect if you run a battery calibration, drain the battery all the way til it cuts off with the spinning star, then fully charge it and leave it a while after reaching 100% your issue will be solved. If you never make it to 100% I would supect its a battery calibration issue.

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    Normally my iPhone 4S is at 100% when I wake up in the morning, but I had this happen the other day.  I woke up and the phone was showing 96% with the plug icon.  I turned the phone off and on and it showed 98%.  I then did a reset (hold power and home button till phone reboots) and charged it up to 100%.  Last night it was at 100% when I went to bed and still ad 100% when I woke up in the morning again.


    I'm fairly certain there is a percentage or calibration issue with the iPhone 4S though.   When I went to calibrate my battery a few weeks ago, I watched it as it quickly drained down from the 25% it was at when I started running as many battery draining apps (GPS, data intensive, etc) as I could to 1%.  This took about 60 to 90 minutes.   I expected the phone would turn off once it hit 1%, but it did not.  It sat there for at least 15 minutes while I was using the phone.  Eventually I ended up going to sleep since it was late and when I woke up the phone was off.   There's two issues with what I saw: one, the phone should power off at 1% and two to drain 1% of battery should take at most 4 minutes of WiFi usage.   So something was wrong there.


    I've also seen cases where the battery is at 100%, I'll unplug it and use it for about a minute and it's then at 97%.  Basically the battery meter isn't particularly accurate under iOS 5.0.1 (at least on the iPhone).  I'd say it's within 5% points of where it should be, but it's not always correct.

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    I get this too, doesn't matter if the phone is plugged into a geuine Apple cord or not, once the battery gets to 100% it seemingly lets it take charge from the actual battery instead of running from the line like it should be (or at least every single electronic device I've ever used has done). So this is either 1) a bug 2) a bug. There isn't any way they would intentionally design an electronic to charge then use its own battery power to sustain the device while its plugged in. I just hope its fixed, because it happens randomly and I do NOT like going out somewhere with my device in the 92% range when I could be going out with the 100% where that extra 8-10% could be the make or break between me making a call for help, or assistance if my car breaks down.

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    Horray! im not the only one with this issue i cant tell you how many times ive spoken with apple about this issue.

    they said it was unheard of and not an actual issue none of them actually understand what were going through ive had TWO iPhone 4S' both with the same issue, ive had replacement chargers and usb cables galore.

    I even have my own apple advisior im taking my phone to the genius bar this weekend HOPEfULLY to get

    this problem resovled! im hoping its just a glitch and gets fixed in 5.1 iOS but i thought 5.0.1 would help too... (it deff. did not) so anyhow. I'm noticing theres problems with almost all of the WHiTE models im not sure that the color does anything just how it happend to work out. i can barley go a day on the battery while the iPhone 4S BlACK users can go from 2-3.



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    Guys, have you done a restore? I used to wake up to a 96% charged phone in the mornings (with a plug icon), and I just restored it yesterday. Needless to say, today was my first 100% overnight charge. Just make sure you download a fresh copy of the firmware to restore to in case the current one you have is corrupt.


    This is just a bug because the phone doesn't realise it's still plugged in once it's fully charged, and hence, it runs off battery power. The plug icon remains to show that the phone thinks it's fully charged, and doesn't draw any charge from AC. Once it drops to around 90%, the phone realises it's no longer fully charged and charges back to 100%, repeating the cycle. To check if you have this bug, see your usage time. If it's more than zero minutes when the phone has the plug icon, you have the bug.

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    It is nice to know others have had this problem.  I have two iphones, both are having this issue.  I, too, have gotten the response from Apple that made it seem I am the only one having this problem.  I have tried everything, including restoring AND the genius bar giving me a new iPhone only to find i have the same issue.  i would say this is an IOS 5.0.1 issue, but my iPad is not having this issue. 


    I came over from Android, which drove me crazy with little quirks and incompatibility issues.  I came over because of how well iPhone and Apple products work.  Hopefully this gets resolved because we shouldn't have to be worrying about this seemingly simple issue.  We shouldnt have to unplug it in the morning and replug it in to finish the charge.  Anyway, I am hoping this thread will awaken Apple to this issue so that a fix can be granted in the 5.1 update

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    I have seen something a little more odd and cannot pinpopint it. I charge every night and phone reaches 100% pretty quickly. During the night if I wake up I look and its still at 100%. Now I I have noticed on several occations prior to 7:00am maybe 6:45 if I happen to look its still at 100% but sometime between 7:00 and 7:15 every day, when I look again its dropped to 97% or so. I can unplug and plug back in, hop in shower and by time I am ready for the day its back to 100%. So at about that time daily it drops 3% within 15 to 30 minutes. Many times just before 7 I have seen it at 100% then drop to 97% within a short time.  Backup typically runs at 11:00pm or so so its not backing up at that time. Cant quite grasp what its doing at that same time every day to drop. Rest of day it seems to be ok and I have decent battery life. Thoughts?

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    I am also having this issue on my 16 GB 4S. But the weirdest fact is that it started to show this issue after one heavy day of usage. On that day my phone went to charge at about 10% of battery and, since then, it showed this problem.

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    Well, today i decide to work over this issue.

    One strange fact that I verified is that my 4S wasn't being detected by itunes. To solve this, I just reseted the phone, by holding power+home button for about a couple of seconds, until apple logo appears on the screen. After this, itunes detected my iphone correctly.


    I also knew that Apple released a little firmware update for 4S, to address "No SIM detected" problems that some 4S owners were having. For people who is not aware about it, this "new" firmware is STILL 5.0.1, but the build is one step above (9A406) the original 5.0.1 (9A405).

    Itunes and automatic update will NOT detect automatically this new build, because it is still 5.0.1!

    I know that this new build of 5.0.1 doesn't address our problem, but I decided to upgrade anyway. No harm it would make to my 4S and I would rest sure that I have the very latest firmware that Apple released to 4S

    Official Apple instructions says to make a backup, reinstall 5.0.1 and then restore.


    But, I decided to make the following:


    - Download a restore of the new 5.0.1 9A406 (,1_5.0.1_9A406_ Restore.ipsw)

    - Go to itunes and click Check for Update while holding Option (for OSX) or Shift (for Windows).


    Itunes will install this new build of 5.0.1 without the need of all the mess of reinstall and restore.


    I don't know if it was the reset or the new firmware, but now my 4S seems to be 100% all the time when plugged in to charge. I am even using my mac USB port to keep charging my 4S, that we know that provides less power than wall brick, but it keeps 100%.

    To test it, i played a bit of Fruit Ninja, updated some apps and heared music for about 1 hour.

    So far it is still 100%!!


    This might be worth a try. Good luck, and for those people who tries this, reply here if this solved the issue!

    Good luck!!!

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    So I've been using my phone fully updated and was noticing the same loss in battery life when connected.  Also, when looking at my usage under settings, usage and standby times were identical.  I was away for a while and kept my phone in airplane mode - theoretically should not be using any signal and noticed a much worsened battery life and continued issue with usage and standby times being the same.  I'm wondering if both software issues are related and that somehow the battery is being used while plugged in some mornings rather than others.  This AM, I've read this entire post, and made this post remaining at 100%, plugged in.  Has anyone else with the "battery draining while plugged in" issue been having the issue of usage and standby times being the same?

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    Try connecting it to your pc or mac. I have the battery dropping issue too; waking up to the plug icon with around 93% battery but have just noticed something.. Just now, phones battery level was at 100% with plug icon while plugged into pc, i thought id play a few games and surf the internet for a few minutes and i found the plug icon had changed to the bolt icon temporarily, then after a few more minutes changed back to the plug icon. i presume this is the normal behaviour. Going to test it out when plugged into the mains as well. Interesting though?

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    Well here's a new one for you, to be filed under "iPhone 4GS not holding its charge"


    • Plugged it in for charging overnight and unplugged it this morning and noticed that: 
    • it couldn't find a network (not even the WiFi one in my home, which the iPad 2 found with no problem);
    • it was sitting at 49 percent charged
    • the indicator said that it was plugged in, but not charging.


    I did a hard reboot and saw that it found the network again.  Bonus. continued to suck down battery juice, and would not re-charge.   Now it's around 29% so I just shut it off and will be taking it into the Genius Bar tonight.

  • sbailey4 Level 1 (25 points)

    Let us know what they tell you. Ask if its supposed to drop down while still plugged in too. See what they say about it.

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    Well, as it turns out, my iPhone was seriously messed up so they gave me a new one.  *So* glad I bought the warranty, now.  I had done nothing wrong to mess it up - I guess it was just one of the bad ones in the batch.

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    Thanks for the update. That should be covered by the 1 yr warranty anyway right? I got Applecare too. Hope i will never need it but never know huh. Did you happen to ask about the not 100% while still plugged in? Its not that huge a deal for me so I would not consider exchanging phone due to that. It works fine every other way. And what I have read/heard is all iPhones from the first model  have experienced that behavior. Just would like to hear or read it from Apple. They state such for the laptops.