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    No - sorry.  I didn't ask about that as it had never been a problem for me (and because I'd forgotten your request that I bring it up).

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    Just wanted to chime back in. Ever since I got my Airave with Sprint, I have full signal throughout my entire house. My phone no longer discharges once it hits 100%. I suspect that perhaps the battery slows/stops charging when its full, but since the phone isn't at full strength trying to find a signal, it allows it to maintain its full charge much longer or indefinitely.

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    sbailey4I agree with you here.


    It's a FEATURE by design to avoid unnecessary charging of the battery, not a bug or signs of battery failure.


    On my dell laptop it's the same situation, charging will start when battery drops below 95%.


    One thing I really wish the phone could have is the option to manually turn off the charging, that way I can just leave it plugged without worrying about unnecessary charging. I use this feature everyday on my laptop, only start charging when battery is around 30% (I have a 9-cell), and drain it down to 3% every once in a while.

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    I've noticed that this behaviour occurs only when i put my iPhone to charge with more than 85% (approximately) of juice. If the battery is low on charge, when it's done it will keep to 100% indefinitely.

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    Interesting observation. However it happens for me most anytime, but usually plug in with 50% or more remaining. I may pay more attention next time I let it drain way lower and see  what happens. A little frustrating to plug in at night so can start the day with full 100% charge and wake to see its like 95-97% . Also the usage meter is still zero'ed  out so now even the usage stats are way off all day since it starts counting when phones is on 95% or so. Never saw any other phone behave this way even since the old ni-cad days up  to current technology. It makes no since to have the charger cut off. It SHOULD power the device and just cut off the charge circuit to the battery. That is the way every other device works

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    For several weeks after iOS 5.1 came out my iPhone 4S was charging normally. Mine had been one of those that would discharge while in the charger.


    Now my iPhone 4S is discharging on a regular basis while plugged in. It often discharges to 93% before charging back to 100% agan


    I had waited for the first iOS update to fix the battery problem. Then when that didn't fix it, I waited for iOS. For whatever reason it worked for three or four weeks after iOS came out.


    Today was one of those now common days when I grabbed my iPhone 4S before going out and it had only 93% battery charge.

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    Yeah pretty much given up on this issue. Seems that its supposed to be that way to "preserve" the battery. Apparently they cannot design the circuit to cut off the charge to the battery but still power the phone while its plugged in. Weird observation for me, when I am camping and there is no wifi, I use a kindle charge adaptor I keep packed (same voltage but .85amp instead of apples1 amp adaptor) and this issue does not occur. Went several days recently and every morning I had 100% no matter what time I got up.  I have tried that adaptor in the house and it does the same thing as the OEM. Dont make a lot of since. Mine did not do this out of box back in November 2011 but has since a couple weeks later when I think iOS 5.0.1 came out. Still does with iOS 5.1.


    Also heard reports that plugging into USB port will yield 100% each morning. I have not tried that either since laptop remains downstairs and phone on nightstand at night. Maybe due to lower charge current (.5amp) for typical USB output.

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    Hhung516 is right!  This happens on my MacBook Air and Pro.  The battery charges to 100% and then trickle charges to avoid overcharging the battery.  This helps preserve the battery.  When the battery drains to 93% the charger kicks on and charges it back to 100%. I imagine something very similar is going on with the iphone.  So this is NOT a problem. This is by design to help preserve the life or your battery!  As for what your battery reading wil be in the morning really depends on where in the "cycle" your phone is. So everyone chill!  There are so many "real" problems with the 4s that we should be focusing on ;)

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    So get this! I have problems charging mine sometimes in cars. Like today, I was using my gps to go somewhere. And my charge goes down as I'm driving and it's plugged in. I turn off all apps and it still goes down. Unplug it use camera for something and plug it back in about 30 min later. It jumps 2% immediately, then goes down 2% later when I pick up my phone to google this. Now here I am typing and it hasn't gone down, but yet it hasn't gone up. I honestly have no idea where to go or what to do.

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    Hi. I have the same issues with my 4s 32GB. Before this one i had a 3GS 32GB. The 4S is 3 weeks old and has the same problem like my 3GS. Battery drains while plugged in an the phone gets **** hot. What's weird is, when i put it in airplane mode over night, it's on 100% in the morning. If i don't put it in airplane mode the battery drains and it gets very hot. There must be some problems with some apps or something. I'm even close every app in the background before going to sleep and the battery still drains. Only in airplane mode everything is fine.

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    Hmm so when not charging does it work ok? Get hot? Some say this battery behavior is "normal" buit no other phone I ever had behaved that way and this one didnt when I first got it. I guess it was broken then got fixed somehow. Plus if the 'This is by design to keep battery from over charging' theory is true,  why does it stop when airplane mode is on?  I suspect its dropping and the meter is just slow to catch up and report correctly. All data off should prolong the drain that apparently is happening so you just dont see it. I bet if you left it longer you would finally see it drop on down. The mac laptops do say this is normal so maybe iPhone supposed to as well.Strange findings for me, I go camping a lot and almost always when plugged in it stays at 100% unlike when I am at home. Last week I had the "home behavior". not sure why really but here was a weak wifi signal and I finally turned it off. Dont remember if it helped or not cause I pretty much have given up on this issue. Sometimes at home that seems to help or at least delays it. I plug in at like 11pm and somewhere between 7 and 7:15 something happens and it drops to like 97%.  Really strange behavior I have been unable to pinpoint. I typically wake up, disconnect and reconnect, hop in shower and get ready for work and by time I am done its charged back up to 100 % to start my day. Nothing is obvious at that time of day, iCloud backs up at like 11:15 11:30 pm so its not that. I have wifi sync turned off (may want to make sure thats off as its about useless anyway, have to have itunes up and running so if i got to do that I just plug in the stupid cable). It does appear that if I reboot then plug in and dont unlock the device and just let it sit it seems to work and in the am its at 100%. It never connects to wifi that way so still wonder if wifi has something to do with it. The hot issue is not normal may want to look further into that. maybe a reset all settings or reset network settings will help resolve that.

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    Hi. I think it's a software problem. The same problems on a 4S and a 3GS really not normal. I already did the reset and after a week it starts heating up again while charging exept in airplane mode. Weird weird. I hope apple can fix this with IOS6.

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    I believe you are correct on stating it a software issue. Doubtful iOS6 will resolve though because as I understand it its been the same since the orig iPhone. As another test I tried again last night and hard reset the iPhone (power button and home button held until reset) then plugged in and left alone. Never opened it when it booted to the lock screen just left it and this morning it was on 100% and an hour later still on 100%. That is the only consistenty I have been able to achieve. Again when in this state, wifi never loads until you actually open the iPhone (get past the lock screen) so it would seem it perhaps a wifi issue.

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    That makes sense. As long as the phone can't communicate it charges to 100%. All we can do is wait if they can solve this problem. Thanks for your replys.




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    OK sort of an old thread now but this apparently is a common issue. I have researched it for the past week and now I now have somewhat of a solution to this phenomena. For whatever reason mine seems to stay at 100% most of the night than around 7:00am it would drop to 97% or so within a few minutes. This sorta stopped when iOS 5.1.1 came out. Now it stays at 100% until I unplug it then it drops to 97% or so. What I was doing was each morning when wake up, I unplug then plug back in while I was getting ready for the day and it would go back to 100%. So for the fix. What I have discovered over the past week worked 100% of the time. When go to bed I turn off the phone with the slider. Then plug in charger and let the phone come alive again by itself. But I do not log it in. Just let it sit at the lock screen. Now every morning its at 100% and stays that way for more than an hour (If not used). So it is being fully charged and remaining that way. iPhone will quick charge to 100% by meter but in reality it still needs longer to fully charge. Anyway this process has solved the waking up to less than 100% while still being connected to the charger.