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I have not been able to get the built-in iPhone 4S keyboard dictation to work. I talk into it, then tap "Done", then the phone "thinks" for a few seconds (the purple dots pulse and I see the network icon on the top bar spinning) and then nothing happens.  The screen I was typing on comes back with nothing added.


Probably not coincidentally, I can't get Siri to work now either - she is "sorry, having trouble connecting to the network."


I've rebooted my phone and even reset the network settings, which doesn't help. I'm surprised the network would be so congested before 9 AM eastern USA time.


So, my question is, does the keyboard dictation tool go through the same network as Siri? Is this why it's not working?


FWIW, I got Dragon Dictation to work fine.


I think it's questionable design to make keyboard dictation work only with a network connection. I can understand this with Siri but not with ordinary keyboard dictation. It's a lot of overhead to go back and forth over the server if you are just dictating text.