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I love it that Reminders syncs with my iPod and Outlook via iCloud - but it is such a basic app and has so many bugs in it.


It seems that if you check a recurring task in either iCloud or on the device to say that you have completed it, it will mark the job as completed, but does not create the new one for the following occasion. Has anyone else had this problem?


I have had occasions when the time for an alarm has been altered by iCloud to a default of 12:00.


When creating a task in iCloud there is very limited choice of what time you can set a task reminder for.


Why are tasks listed by the date on which it was entered rather than by deadline date for example? Also why not have an option to see all active tasks on the device rather than tasks that are due that day. iCloud is better in some ways as it shows all tasks, but still not as easy to use at Outlook itself.


I'm surprised that Apple allowed such a basic app to get packaged within iOS5. I am also concerned that it's actually part of the iOS rather than an app in its own right, so it may not get updated without a change to the whole iOS. Perhaps for now I will have to go back to using another app like ToDo.

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    yeah, I agree.  Reminders is the number one thing I was looking forward to in iOS 5, and I'm super disappointed.  I will stick with Remember The Milk for now.  It doesn't even have a badge to show how many tasks are (over)due today?  and you can set "due date" in iCal, but on the iPhone you can only set "remind me"?  and I don't want to have to set a TIME- some things just need to be done on a certain day, but not at a specific time.  And they don't sort by date??! And it's buggy. 

    But the biggest thing I want, that NO app offers, is for the to-do's to show in iCal ON THE DAY THEY'RE DUE.  not just in a stupid sidebar.  Like I want to look at today's calendar in the calendar app on my phone, and see that I have a meeting at 730, a soccer game at 4, and that I need to pick up the dry cleaning and buy milk.  It seems silly to check one app for your appointments, and a DIFFERENT app for the things you have to do that day.

    The list goes on and on.  I'm going to send feedback to apple.  who knows if they listen, but I figure that's probably more productive than just whining about it to my friends (who couldn't care less), haha.