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  • SnoopPr Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm not going to get into the discussion about UV or not, but here's the deal it still works!  I sent a support ticket, explained how iTunes and AppleTV was important to how I have my whole library setup, and they obliged me with a digital copy of HP7-Part II.


    UV has got my respect and you know I will give them another chance to try and make it work!

  • SnoopPr Level 1 (0 points)

    It still works! Almost a year later....

  • Jerm99 Level 1 (0 points)

    Until the product will let me use it on my ipad or other device without needing to connect to the internet or other network I will find it inferior. I need to be able to watch my movies on a plane and in the gym.

  • Poppagiorgio Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello all,


      This is a year later but still replying to original.  I bought the Dark Knight Trilogy yesterday.  I was hesitant because of the long understanding that UV is annoying and Flixter most people hate it.  I also already use itunes and windows media center to watch my digital copies.


    Long story short I followed the open a support ticket route and got stonewalled:


    "iTunes codes are not available from us for this particular offer, but we want to make sure you know that you can stream and download your UltraViolet™ movies and TV shows to compatible Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Although UltraViolet™ titles will not show up in iTunes, you can build a collection in Flixster of all your UltraViolet™ movies and TV shows. Additionally, you can stream and download your UltraViolet™ titles to your PC or Mac, as well as compatible Android mobile devices."


    I appreciate any help with this before I decide to never buy anything with UV again...


    thx ahead of time.

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    Get a copy of DVD Fab or similar and your Blu-Ray/DVD, convert it to iOS format and import it into iTunes...done. I did this with The Amazing Spiderman and The Dark Knight Rises. 


    <Begin Rant>

    The problem here is that all these Applites have no concept of how to tinker with things.  "what? no iTunes support? wah wah wah" 


    Stop being lemmings and LEARN how to solve problems instead of whining and ********.

    </End Rant>


    Hope that helps!

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    Hey every one just to let you know I sendet a email to flixster about the same problem playing there movies on iTunes and I had a reply just the day after. Here is there reply: Hi Simon,


    UltraViolet digital movies are not compatible with iTunes at this time, and Flixster doesn’t have any iTunes codes. To play movies on your computer, you will need the Flixster Desktop player. You will be prompted to install this application when you download your movies.


    You can stream full-length movies on wifi or 3G, or download them to watch offline on your mobile devices using the Flixster app. To access your movie library, install the Flixster app (free in the App Store), then go to the My Movies tab and log into your Flixster account. Your collection will appear on that tab.


    To stream a movie, tap on the poster image for the one you'd like to play, then on the "Watch Now" button on its details page. To download to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, tap on the movie you want to download, then on the purple Download button on the next page. Once the download is complete, you'll watch it from the Flixster app. Tap on Watch Now, and the app will default to offline viewing.



  • Joseph Bruni Level 1 (120 points)

    Ultraviolet just refused to allow me to transfer Dark Knight Rises to iTunes. Either they are trying to play hardball or the studios are against Apple.


    I'm with the rest of you: I will avoid any disk with the UltraViolet option.

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    There is an app called "Cinemanow", if you use your ultraviolet code it will work to play your movies, its an app. 

    Is ultraviolet the answer for everyone? no. is itunes? no.  I personally love both.  The ultraviolet is the way of the future and is not ment to compete with itunes.  Ultraviolet is intended for people like me that have a bluray player, ipod, ect.  I can buy the movie in the store and it works on all my devices.  UV has only been out for a year and has fixed many of its annoying issues.  Flixster works much better now.  UV codes are on many movies that would not have an itunes download codes.  Someday every movie will come with a UV code.  Disney is even getting on board with their own UV thing.  Its not ultraviolet, but its part of this buy once play anywhere future and on ALL devices not JUST one brand. 

  • Joe Siegler Level 1 (10 points)

    Uh, Disney is doing away with their streaming thing come Dec 31.  That's a non issue.

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    To stream a movie, tap on the poster image for the one you'd like to play, then on the "Watch Now" button on its details page. To download to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, tap on the movie you want to download, then on the purple Download button on the next page. Once the download is complete, you'll watch it from the Flixster app.

    This is within the Flixster app on the iOS device, right? If the movie isn't usable within iTunes, then there's no way of transferring it to an iOS device from within iTunes on a Mac, right? I have to completely download it again, once to each device?


    I just got the UV version of "The Dark Knight Rises" and am trying to figure all this out! Like why two separate apps called "Flixster" and "Flixster Desktop" got installed on my iMac, yet they appear to do the same thing...

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    For now, we are stuck with a two-application world, and that's not going to change for a little while; iTunes/Apple is still too powerful a distributor, and the movie studios, well, they're pretty darn powerful, too.  As for the Flixster app, it isn't perfect, but it gets the job done for the most part on all of my devices (TV, Android phone, iPad, etc.)  I will say, pay attention to the fact that you can 'download' your purchases on most devices, which allows you to watch without a wi-fi (or other) connection. Useful for plane-rides, etc. You can also try Vudu (or however it's spelled), and it seems like BestBuy has finally jumped into the ring (a ring they notably signed up for a long time ago) with CinemaNow as well. I haven't seen anything about their apps, however, that would inspire me to jump from Flixster.


    As for the argument 'at large' going on here, it's kind of strange to me. I am a big fan of Apple in many ways, but I sincerely can't understand why people are 'offended' by UV. Apple is a distributor in this context. They are a wonderful computer company that builds downright incredible products, but as far as iTunes goes, they are just another distributor pushing proprietary licenses to chain you to their hardware. Why would you knowingly vote for that as a consumer? I understand full well that in a developing industry, distribution is king. But guess what? The digital age is upon us, and content is becoming laughably easy to distribute. HBO's snub of Netflix has made that painfully obvious. And, hey, shouldn't we be rooting for the HBOs of the world? Aren't the best content creators who we want to throw our money at?


    Either way, the fact is that, at this point in the game, when you buy a digital movie from iTunes or Amazon or Google or any distributor, you don't "own" a digital version of the movie you purchase. You own a license to it, and that's reflected in the DRM sunk into the metadata of the movie. This is why you can't play your iTunes movies on, say, your PS3. UV seeks to reconcile this "distributor model" by simply keeping a list of the licenses you own in the cloud. That's all it is, a list of the movies you've purchased saying that you've purchased them. Any application that acknowledges that ownership can then allow you to stream or download the content. So easy. At the end of the day, I have to believe that Apple and Google (the two big boys who have yet to sign on) will capitulate to UV. Google needs to expand market-share too badly not to, and Amazon already proved in the music space that can push Apple around.  


    This is my first post here, and I'm aware that they makes me a 'troll' of some sort (I'm too old to understand if I've got that right), but as someone who was ensnared pretty badly in the digital music clusterf*ck that dominated my generation, I can't believe people are actually voting FOR iTunes supremacy here.

  • BigPhilipK Level 1 (0 points)



    This is by far one of the best post written in this thread.



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    So I recently got a few Blu-Rays that came with UV codes and was disappointed to find they weren't iTunes compatible.  I came upon this thread while doing a search on the web.  I tried submitting a "complaint" as a prior poster suggested, saying I was disappointed that I wasn't able to play my UV movies in iTunes.  I ended up getting a response basically explaining the difference between UV and digital copy, how some movies now come with digital copies, some come with UV, and some both, blah, blah, blah.  I played dumb and responded to the e-mail I got by basically asking them to confirm my understanding that unless I have a true digital copy, I can't play any UV movies in iTunes.  They responded with another long winded e-mail basically confirming.  I replied one more time saying thanks for the clarification, though I was still pretty disappointed.  I was suprised to get one last response addresssing my 3 movies in question:


    Dark Knight Trilogy - I was told there unfortunately was nothing they could do as there was no digital copy available for those movies


    Hangover 2 - I was told they would mail me a CD with a digital copy and it should arrive in 2-3 weeks after confirming my address


    Moneyball - I was told my concerns were forwarded to Sony.  I then received an e-mail from Sony basically with the same spiel that I got in my very first response, explaining the difference between digital and UV, etc. and unfortunately they could not provide me with an iTunes code for Moneyball.  I responded one last time to Sony with my disappointment this afternoon.  Haven't heard back from them, but don't expect to.  Sony also previously refused to provide me with a new digital copy for 2 movies whose codes expired before I downloaded them (didn't have an iPad until recently).  I was able to download all of my other expired digital copies except for Sony.  I mentioned that to Sony but to no avail.  Needless to say, my opinon of them isn't very high at the moment...


    After all is said and done, at least I'm getting a digital copy of my Hangover 2 movie that I previously only had on Blu-Ray and UV.

  • Joseph Bruni Level 1 (120 points)

    Great follow-up.


    I think what we're all experiencing here is exactly the reason we prefer iTunes. At the core is a basic distrust of their own customers (by they, I mean the studios).

  • El Pat0 Level 1 (0 points)

    Diggitydek's efforts also exemplifies why we pay so much for this content and why there is as Joseph Bruni put it "At the core is a basic distrust of their own customers"


    As a consumer, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to investigate the product BEFORE you purchase it.  Instead, you bought something without taking the time to know EXACTLY what you were buying and then have the audacity to whine about it to anyone that will listen and EXPECT to get something OTHER than what you paid for.


    These companies have to employ persons to deal with idiots who can't or won't read the product information or those that complain like Diggitydek did.  It costs money to employ these people, it costs money for the copy of Hangover 2 and to ship it.


    And now that Diggitydek has another copy of Hangover 2, what will he do with the UV version?  He could easily sell it and make a PROFIT from HIS MISTAKE.


    Joseph, now do you see why there is that distrust?  And if you are so gungho about iTunes, why not just buy ALL YOUR MEDIA from them?  Why even buy a blu-ray?


    JonnyV33 wrote a great summary about this, just 4 posts up from this one.


    Educate yourselves.

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