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    don't settle with wb until they finally agree to mail you a digital copy disc which is what seems to be their strategy for all titles except hp7v2 where they will give you an itunes download code you have to keep bothering them we pay for movies and they want to only give you half of what you payed for that's not acceptable thankfully universal's strategy so far allows you to redeem your code in itunes maybe warner can learn something from them doubtful but maybe

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    I just wish Sony would get on the ball.  Hollywood must be made to understand that the customer is always right and we refuse to put up with this.  The majority of America uses iTunes, it has become the defacto standard and they must learn to realise that. 

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    By the way, Flixster/Ultraviolet was super quick in their response to my request for an iTunes redemption code. It took like thiry seconds to 1 minute for an automated response from them with a new iTunes redemption code. For simple instructions see arkling's post:


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    Has anyone had any luck getting them to do this with Contagion? I just keep getting an automated email saying they are looking into the issue.




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    so i have received replys with all my uv/wb titles and am waiting on digital copy discs with the files for itunes that said the only movie where they haven't sent a disc is for harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 they gave me an itunes download code for it but problem being is that after i download the movie the itunes extras don't play and i have tried explaining to apple the files they themselves or wb is distributing are corrupt is there anyone else that is having this problem??

  • Chain Level 1 (15 points)

    My experience was similar - using the support link thats already been mentioned here, I had a reply from Flixster/UV within about 5 minutes with a redemption code for HP7 Part 2 on iTunes.  I think they're getting the message that people don't care for Flixster/UV.


    Don't worry folks, you can get a code or a digital copy disc for iTunes sent to you with very little trouble.  They seem to get it....

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    Well, it's been 2 weeks now, and still waiting for my copy through the mail.


    For all my other DVD's.. All I get from Sony, is the middle finger..   so  if you get something from Sony, then forget about an Itunes movie.. you will not get it..   

    WB at the other hand is willing to help you.  but.. waiting for my copy in the mail as of yet..

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    the harry potter you downloaded in itunes do the itunes extras work? i mean i can play them but if i try to click on say a deleted scene it will not play at all are you having this problem as well? please let me know

  • Chain Level 1 (15 points)

    Yep, works just fine.

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    I cannot catch a break with these people.  I've submitted for the same two discs three times since Christmas and I'm not even getting the automated response that the form tells me I'll get, much less an actual download code.  Such a load of crap!

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    I had to submit 6 tickets (out of those 6 only got 2 messages back acknowledging my ticket had been recieved) and 1 email before I finally got an actual response back.  They gave me a code for 1 and are mailing me discs for the others. My best advice at this point is to just keep sending the tickets if you really want the codes/discs and to send them a message that their serive is terrible

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    I'm glad I'm not in this alone.  This whole multi-layer approach is far from conveinient. Regarding Cowboys and Aliens:  why did they provide us the Digital DVD in the package?  I mean, you're still dloading anyway. Just wait until it's out on Netflix. They are providing us the anticedent to behavior.  It's as if Universal wants us to illegally rip the DVD.  It might be easier than jumping through all the hoops. Why spend time and money on buying the DVD?  let them drop the price $5.00.  This is my first time and my last.  It's just a movie.

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    Apple should just send a message to UV, and just pull every app that runs UV from Itunes, and we will see how long UV sticks around, without being able to run on ipads, iphones, touch ipods...there goes 90% of the market they are shooting for, to be honest with you i dont have an issue with WB UV cause they have given me codes for every movie I have bought, it Sony who has dug their heels in are idiots in general, and they wonder why anonymous hates them...when the ps3 network crash in early 2011,  i was upset but you know what i went out and bought a 360 kinect, and what sony offered to bring customers back was absoulute crap, now they have back a system the WB has basically said stinks by their actions, and Sony sits their dictating to the consumer this is how its gonna be.  Keep your crappy UV.  Give us options of UV of ITunes. 

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