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I updated my iPhone last night with the new software. It asked me to put in my Apple ID to set up iCloud. So I did. I then wanted to get the FREE upgrade from 5gigs to 20gigs because I have a MobileMe account. So I went online, put in my MobleMe UserID and it set me up with another (20gig) iCloud account. Problem is I now have TWO iCloud accounts...


1) One with .......@me.com - 20gigs - all my me emails


2) One with my Apple Id(personal email) - 5gigs - ALL my apps, etc...


If I delete 1) then i loose my 20 gigs and and out my mobileMe $$$.. if I delete 2) then I loose ALL my stuff and have to re-due everything.


I only have FREE 20gigs till June 30th, 2012 everyday that goes by is money lost...


I called Apple Support and they couldn't help. Plus to talk to a techincal support advisor I needed to pay for the support because all my devices(all 6-iPad, iMac, iPhone, Ipod, MacBook, Mini Mac) are past the 90 days... funny how it isn't even about the device... it's about the software that I purchased from you(MobileMe and iCloud)! I pay $X amount for the ME account and now am loosing it all and can't talk to support for free?


So... how can I do one of the following...

1) Merge my two iCloud account (.........@me.com & personal email)


2) Get the 20gigs added to my AppleID iCloud account(personal email) as well as add my ........@me.com email address to the AppleID(personal email) iCloud account... and delete the iCloud account that is MobileMe (.........@me.com) iCloud account


If you can't... then can you pro rate or refund me for my MobileMe account so I can use that money then to get the 20gigs for my iCloud account that is associated with my Apple ID (personal email) account??

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    I have the same issue, and as yet it's unresolved.

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    I chatted with Apple online yesterday regarding this, as well.  They said there was not an option to merge the two accounts.

    I have all my iTunes purchases under my home email, and I keep all my iGadgets Contacts/Calendars synced with my @me account.  Granted, that 20GB extra space for FREE till June is useless to me, really.  I don't use my @me account enough to worry about all that space.  But the free space was ONLY offered and given to those with PAID MobileMe accounts.  It was not (to the best of my knowledge) even an option for non MobileMe or .MAC accounts.  This was based on your paid subscription, not on your free personal email account.  So my thought..just shooting from the hip here, is maybe Apple will set up some sort of merge after the free 20gb time has ended in June.  I don't know.  Just rambling.


    So for now, I have store account in settings set up to log in under my home email, so all my purchases still update, etc.

    And I have my iCloud account in setttings to sync using my @me address.  So far everything works fine.  But yes, it takes two different log-ins/accounts.

    But here a few things I've read today: 1) I am OK with having one ID (home email) for iTunes purchases, and can share those purchases with other devices in my home - ie spouse.

    2) My iCloud (@me) account only syncs MY contacts and calendars to MY igadgets, not to anyone else in the home.  So my spouse has own iCloud account - and own calendar/contact sync.  Our respective data does not merge or overwrite each other.  This is a good thing.


    Also, I found this link...I have not tried it...but it may offer you some help...I don't really know.

    http://appadvice.com/appnn/2011/10/republish-how-to-transfer-merge-and-copy-data -from-one-icloudmobileme-account-to-another


    Good luck...sorry you are having these problems.  If I needed my free 20gb, I'd be upset, too, not being able to use it on the account I rely on.  But again, paid subscription vs. private home email.  Seems Apple was trying to be fair by giving MM subscribers extra time and space on their paid subscription to make up for the part of MM time they lost in their 12 months.


    Hope some of this helps.

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    I'm in the same boat. Updated my iPhone 3GS with iOS5 and icloud. It immediately wrecked my email by deleting the ATT outgoing server which allowed me to use my work email account. Thanks to Comcast's own app, my personal comcast account still sends - but not my work account.


    I used my existing Apple ID (personal email) on the iPhone.


    then I bought and loaded Lion for my MacBookPro. It too did some weird things to my email - creating one new inbox and putting both my personal and work email inboxes within this new box. It left my existing work email inbox but not my personal one. Still don't understand that.


    So I turned on iCloud and again used my personal email/existing Apple ID.


    Then I decided to update my iPad2 with iCloud. This time I decided to go ahead and create the free @me email account. I read something that suggested you could have one Apple ID for iTunes and i for iCloud. Thus I made a new ID for my iPad.


    Strangely enough both my personal and work emails work from the iPad - and yes I've copied the outgoing server info to the iPhone but I still can't send email from my work account on the iPhone?


    I then thought, OK, I'll just delete my original Apple ID acount and use the new @me one. NOPE. Can't do that. Also - After the Fact! - Apple tells me you canot change your icloud email once you establish it. I thought the point of all this was so all your devices would work together in unison???


    We're not all software gurus - I can't belive you can't go back and undo some of the set up - lke an email address in iCloud. Now my iPhone email doesn't work, and my iPad has a different cloud account than my MacBookPro and iPhone.


    Wish I'd never started this - what a screwed up system! If you find a work around to merge accounts or better yet - a way to just turn off and delete icloud entirely - please let me know!

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    Same boat as all of you.  And finding it super frustrating having all of these different calendars, etc.  May just have to delete @me.com all together as Apple is clearly killing it off as a service.

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    Same exact problem here. Very disappointing.

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    Having two AppleIDs (one for the iTunes/App Store and one for iCloud) is not necessarily a problem. In fact, some people regard it as a benefit for security reasons.


    If someone somehow gains access to one of your accounts, they don't automatically gain access to everything (email, contacts, calendars, money stored in iTunes, apps, music etc.).

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    Julian, I agree however... because of this, I loose my free upgrade to 20gigs... Apple needs to credit me (all of us) or fix the problem by allowing us to merge accounts if we choose.