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My migration to icloud has been snagged by my MacBook Pro. My iphone 4 and Ipad 1 migrated smoothly form MobileMe, but my MacBook Pro login from system preferences comes back with the message 'unrecognized Apple ID and password" and says to try later.


I have tried cainging passwords to no avail. It seems the problem lies in the lap top, maybe in keychain, but I am going in circles. Please help.



  • Aristophanes Level 2 (345 points)

    It might be your MBPro is logging in with your iTunes Apple ID, not your iCloud Apple ID.


    Try changing accounts in iTunes and making sure of their details.


    Then go to Apple ID here and trya agin using ONLY the iCloud Apple ID:




    Once done double-check ni the MBPro Preferences and in ITunes (the Music Store).


    Good luck.