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new iPhone 4s no sound on one side on headphones

iMac, Windows XP, no xp
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    I have the same problem  my iphone 4 is also 1 week old. sounds like an issue, I went to the 3 shop and they said do a software update after you restore, I restored and updated to the latest software but still no sound on the left side, its as if part of the phoes functions dont work anymore.  I cant use the heaedset for phone calls,



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    I had the same problem too , to bad that there is nothing you can do just to buy new hadphones dude , and at the buttom of the iphone there is two speakers looks like, while the fact is one of them are a microphone and just one of them is the main speaker xxx

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    its not the earphones, its my ipod touch! The headphones plays perfectly on my computer and stuff!

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    Wrong forum and 4 months late.

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    So what you're saying is that you dont have the answer? Problems happen everyday and just because it was answerd four months ago doesnt mean it dont still happen. If you want to help send me the link, if not troll on somewhere else.

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    What I'm saying is this is the iPhone forum. Try posting in the iPod forum instead.

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    I have the same problem. I had the iphone 4 and i didn't have 1 issue with it. I decided to get the iphone 4s and after that my headphones only work in one ear. i know it isn't my headphones, because they still work in my ipad and my laptop. So I know it is the iphone 4s. does anyone know what I should do?

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    Try plugging them in all the way, i.e. push harder.


    Try pluggin them in/out 10-20 times.


    Try cleaning out your headphone jack... probably has lint in it.

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    My iPad2 also plays sound on the right side only in the headphone. This all happened after I updated my software to iOS 6.0.1.

    But, the same headphone is working fine in my laptop.

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    go to settings<general<accessibillity<hearing then make sure that the dot is in the middle. if not, then put to the middle. then it should work.

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    goblue91, you RULE.  That was EXACTLY the problem in my son's case.  He has an iPhone 5 with ios 7.0.4 and was pairing an LG HBS730 bluetooth headset.  Contacted LG, they told me to mail it back and get another one, so I did.  The new one came it, same problem.  I found your post, went into the Settings->General->Accessibility>Hearing, and sure enough, he had moved his balance all the way to one ear.  Thank you very much for your post.  Saved me ALOT of headaches.

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    During a phone call the speaker stoped working.  only sound now comes from headphones which never had been used on this iphone at all.  just vibrates,  Iphone 5,  (7.1.1)

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    I have an iPhone 5 and get the same problem. I think it's a problem with the iPhones cuz i have bought 3 Apple EarPods and used the earphones from my 4s

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    Brendan Shirley wrote:


    I have an iPhone 5 and get the same problem. I think it's a problem with the iPhones cuz i have bought 3 Apple EarPods and used the earphones from my 4s


    And did you read or use any of the suggestions already posted in this thread?