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Hello fellow iPhone users.


Ever since I upgraded to iOS 5, I noticed that e-mails always seemed to be a little "late" on my iPhone 4 / iPad 1 but I just got around to take a closer look at the issue today. Turns out, I can no longer select "Push" under Settings/Mail/New Data/Advanced/ for my Gmail (not setup as Exchange) or my IMAP Account. This used to work prior to iOS 5 / iCloud, so I assume something had to be changed during the upgrade.


I've already tried to delete and reconfigure the accounts and I even reset my network settings but had no luck in re-enabling "Push" so far. Now while I know that I could always configure my Gmail Account via Exchange, there are certain disadvantages to that method (I can't choose the folders on the server for sent and deleted mails; downloading of messages doesn't stop at 50) which keep me from doing so. Also, my work e-mail doesn't support Exchange so I have to go with IMAP there.


Is there anyone who has a Gmail and/or IMAP account sucessfully pushing mails in iOS 5? Again, for me it worked without any promblems for both methods prior to the upgrade...

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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