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I have a Windows 7 machine, and have installed iCloud Control Panel to take advantage of the brave new world. In particular I want the photo stream to work.

Install was not a problem, but when I come to login it just stops- forever- with no response and a spinning dial to indicate waiting.


Nothing seems to fix it- whether disabling the firewall or uninstalling/reinstalling, rebooting, or that netsh command that someone keeps posting as an answer. Its not an answer- it doesn't make this work.


Come on apple, surely this can be fixed?

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    Yes, I am experiencing the same issue of getting an endless spinner upon login to iCloud from my Windows 7 32-bit PC.  I get no error message even after letting it spin for 6 hours.  I too have reinstalled iCloud PC and run the suggested "netsh winsock reset" in other posts.  Nothing seems to work.  I don't even think the login credentials are leaving my machine beacuse if I put in the incorrect password, it does not come back with an invalid login error.  I think the application is reaching out to a destination that does not exist and waits endlessly for a response.  Would appreciate other suggestions.

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    Same happened to me. I have windows XP 32 bits.

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    yes,this is happening to me also.I can't log into iCloud at all.I'm running windows 7 x64.Can someone from apple please help us??? I also cant log in with my apple id,but i can do it through PC,but not on iPhone 4.

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    Agreed and angered that Explorer does not support iCloud.


    I was a MobileMe customer for two years and it was supportive. 


    Why can't iCloud be?