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Hello all,


I thought I would share lessons learned from my Boot Camp install on a Mac Mini.


My config:  2011 Mac Mini 2.3, Intel 3000HD video

       .   .       upgrade to 8GB ram

Samsung 8000 series LED TV connected with HDMI

Memorex external BluRay writer(USB only power)


For Windows 7 install, I tried installing with the 64 bit DVD but this failed as documented elsewhere.

Instead, setup with USB drive, follow instructions available in bootcamp


After partitioning drive with boot camp and reboot, install Windows 7 with install wizard.


When asked whether to allow automatic updates say 'no', then complete installation and run boot camp tools for Windows.


Because the network driver gets installed prior to the Intel video driver, Windows will install the Windows Update Intel video driver which breaks HDMI audio.

When auto updates are off, the Intel video driver that is correct gets installed last.  HDMI audio works with this driver.


Apple should install the Intel video driver first and it would solve this problem.


I now have full blown 3D BluRay support on the MacMini with TruHD audio, fantastic!

Mac mini, Windows 7