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hey guys i wanna know does the iphone 4 still have the "Death Grip" which is the reception issue (antenna issue) with iphone 4 when u hold ur hand (or fingers) near the antennas and the reception goes down to like 1 bar (n sometimes makes it go to no service).

i think someone said they have made newer models of the iphone 4 what have fixed it but i am not 100% sure

have they fixed it if i buy an iphone 4 now or does it still have the reception issue

here is what it is if u dont know what the reception issue is : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ixIHyEPO5g

iPhone 4
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    That was way overblown and depended on the person involved. Took me forever to lower the reception holding the phone in that manner (and it is awkward to hold it that way) the person I was with could drop it in about 10 seconds.


    Put a case on the iPhone and the issue goes away.


    The new iPhone 4s has a different antenna design with a sending and receiving antenna. Have not seen any touch issues with that one yet.

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    That was way overblown and depended on the person involved.

    Deggie is right.  Despite all the publicity the issue got, it was affecting a small percentage of users that were the most vocal about it.

    For what it's worth- I've been using an iPhone 4 with AT&T since January, and haven't noticed any difference whether I have my case on it or not.

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    My blackberry still has the reception / antenna issue. And always has. In fact, it is so bad that I can terminate the connection if I hold the phone with my head and shoulder.


    My iPhone 4 (not s) on the other hand has never been a problem for me.


    A lot of noise—not much benefit. However Apple did apply new engineering to the problem—which is great!