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I recently updated my iPad2 to iOS5. The update seems to have worked fine, but I am having a problem using the Music App.

All the music tracks are grayed-out. I cannot tap a track to play a song. I can change views (Playlist, Songs, Artists, etc) but everthing it still gray. Also in album view I do not see any artwork,


If I connect to my iTunes library via Home Sharing, I can play music. It just seems my local files cannot be played. I went into iTunes and stop it from syncing music to the iPad which erased all the files. When I re-established the music sync, it copied the music files back, but still appear gray.


Not sure what is causing this. Videos synced from iTunes work fine. Just music. Any suggestions.



iPad 2, iOS 5
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    I have a similar problem with ipad1,  all apps . photos etc sync but the music and artwork will not, starts to sync and cancels sync attempting track 6 or 7,  All songs show on ipad but are greyed out and the few songs on it do not play the correct song when pressed been trying to resync for 2 days,,,,, any help welcome



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    I am also having the same issue. Some songs are black but most are not and many songs missing. All purchases were transferred over. I had an over memory limit warning when upgrading whcih BTW took over 16 hours to accomplish. This was strange since my memory was NOT over the limit before upgrading. After the final sync the memory over limit went away and my song data is there but it seems liek the tracks are not authorized or something...very strange and after 16 hours ANNOYING!!!

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    I am having the same issue with new iPhone 4S.  In addition to song titles being grayed-out, folders from iPhoto made it over to the 4S but no photos.  Also, (forgive the rant) when is Apple Care open?  I call them in the evening, not late, and they are closed.  When do they think working people can call?

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    An update;


    I have found a fix for my problem. Not really a solution, but I got it to work. I went into iTunes and stop syncing Music. The music and playlist should have been removed from the iPad, but they still displayed in the gray text. So my "fix" was to make sure I had a backup of the iPad with the Music configured not to sync. Then I did a restore to defaults. After the iPad was back, I restored using the lastest backup.


    After the restore when I went into the Music App, nothing was displayed. I then selected Sync for music. My playlist and songs were copied to the iPad. They now appear normal and can be played.


    Maybe something got corrupted when I upgraded to iOS5. Don't know. I guess when in doubt, restore.

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    I was just having the same problems.  What i found was that the way that syncing works through itunes if that it first copies the list of the songs to your device.  In my case this was an iphone 4s.  Only after this list is populated does it then begin transferring the data associated with a specific song in the list to the iphone.  However, if there is an error in the syncing, such as a song that cant be transferred, the sync completely stops.  This means that if say, the 100th song could not be transferred, you would have a gray list of every song you intended to transfer as well as the actual mp3s for 99 songs.  You would only be able to play those 99 songs on the device. 


    What i then needed to do to get all my music on my iphone was to check the box that transfers only "checked" songs from my library.  I then went through the syncing waiting for a song to fail, went and unchecked that song, then restarted the sync.  After about three song failures and restarts, it synced completely(without those three unchecked songs of course).


    hope it works

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    I'm not sure if you've been successful with playing music on your iPad yet but here's what worked for me. This morning I discovered that my whole music library was 'greyed out' and nothing would play at all after installing the shiny new (flawed and bugged) IOS 5. After unsuccessfully trying a hard reboot (holding the sleep and home buttons for about 10 seconds, ignoring the power off prompt and letting the iPad completely shut down, operating system incuded) then everything bar a complete wipeout and restore to factory defaults I tried this and it worked:

    First I synched my iPad with my iTunes via the USB cable. Then I unticked the 'synch music' tab, which will basically delete all of the music from your iPad on the next synch which I then did. Then I ejected the iPad from iTunes and performed a hard reboot (see above). To power up again hold the sleep button down for a few seconds and you'll see the Apple logo. it should then take about 20-30 seconds to reload and be ready to use. I then reconnected to iTunes, went to the music synch tab. Ticked the box to put my entire music library back on the iPad and synched again. Depending on how much music is in your library or how much you put on your iPad it could well take hours. I've only got about 5GB and it took over 2 hours. Anyway after it had synched and put all the music back on the iPad, I tried and all of it is now longer 'greyed out' and plays like it's intended to.

    If you haven't been successful yet then it's worth a try. It may well work for iPhones too if the music has already been backed up on iTunes. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for that silicon surfer, I have also now sorted out mine basically I also had to sync without musuc but every time I tryed to put the entire library on it cancelled the sync.

    I then spent nearly 5 hours  loading each artist seperately,  it turned out that for some unknown reason,  1 track and 1 albulm was the problem and will not load on the ipad even though they sync with both my iphone and an ipod touch, I have now deleted them from my library and everthing fianally syncs.