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I have my PC running Win 7 in UTC-3 Buenos Aires time, and iCloud (Firefox7) is in the same time zone (Argentina). But when I enter an appointment in theCalendar app in iCloud, after I hit "OK" it shifts one hour back andshows in iCloud in the wrong time, pushed back by one hour.

The only way to solve this seems to be to set up iCloud in the Santiago(Chile) time zone which is UTC-4. But of course this makes the events in iCloudto be out of sync with the rest of the devices (Iphone, Ipad).

This behavior happens whether I check or uncheck the "Enable Timesupport" option in the Calendar advanced preferences tab.

I have already installed and uninstalled the iCloud control panel in the PC,with no luck.

It looks like a nasty bug.

I tried to contact apple support, but it seems I have to pay to report this.Having suffered mobile me since its creation, I don't think that paying toreport a malfunction should be necessary...

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