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Hi Folks! Got a little challenge for ya'll...


PPC 2.0 Dual Core with leopard. & QTpro 7.6.9


Mac Book 2.16 intel dual core running Tiger & QTpro 7.6.4


Both units have IDENTICAL FCP Studio 2 6.06. The compressor set ups/exports are exactly the same.


The only variable.... intel on tiger, and PPC on leopard.. MPG plays fine on intel with tiger, but not on PPC with leopard...


I used to be able to hear my mpg files on the ppc prior to leopard... and I did not upgrade my QT when intalling Leopard. Is this a variable anyone else has found? IS there an issue with Leopard or is this only a QT issue... I can't find a QT 7.6.9 upgrade to match these QT items to test this in stages... i also lost the use of Photoshop 7 with Leopard. This leads me to question if Leopard could be causing this audio issue as well. Just an assumption... As my Photoshop 7 works fine on Intel with Tiger as well... Clear as mud now?


When I export mpg clips in Compressor they do not show or play audio on the PPC with Leopard. I transfer them to the Intel with Tiger and they play fine... They also play back fine on my stations Ultra Nexxus playback system... Craziness abounds here... Has anyone regained their mpg and photoshop 7 with Lion? Just asking....


Any suggestions I'm not seeing? Thanks tons in advance...



Joe Stanfill

MJR VIdeo Productions

Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    What sort of MPEG files -1,2,3 or 4? Audio or video files?


    Photoshop 7 is old. Photoshop 8 (CS1) works fine on Leopard.

    Photoshop 7 is entirely PPC code and will not run on Lion under any circumstances.

    There's no such thing as QuckTime 7.6.9 -at least not publicly.

    7.6.6 is the latest version and Tiger doesn't qualify for it.