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How do some of you save passwords and private info other than 'keychain' with your iPhone? Finally am leaving palm and will lose most of my datebook as it seems to be corrupted.... but don't know where to put my memo with all my passwords. Any suggestions.

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    Good question. I keep mine in notes (under a not easily recognized heading) and have locked the phone. But, I would like an even more secure way to keep passwords for which most of us have many many.  And, of course, Find My Phone also allows a remote wipe out of everything.


    It would be nice to have a secure app dedicated to passwords.

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    I think I'm gonna go with mSecure from the App store. So sorry there isn't more feedback here about anything related to this but thank you for replying!


    I've a few friends who have it just on their iPhone but I think I'll get the iPhone and desktop one via the iTunes app store.