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My iPod seems to be having multiple issues since the upgrade to the new OS. Note that none of these problems existed before the update.


1) The first I noticed is there will be an album missing from the artist (on the artist view). It's in my iTunes, all the tags are correct, but it's not showing up under the artist. However, the album is listed under album view, with the correct artist. Yet there appears to be no way to access it except under album view.


2) Another problem is that some artists are duplicated on the artist view.





When clicked, either of the two artist entries (like All Time Low above) show the same albums and songs. They're basically identical duplicate shortcuts.


3) The most befuddling is the alphabetical order. It's completely wrong, out of order, and artists that start with different letters are appearing under the wrong letter heading.


I think this screencap sums up the problem better than I can explain it:




Any ideas?