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Hoping someone can help with this...am at my wit's end and have not rec'd a solution from either Apple or Verizon despite dedicating most of the day to finding one.


Have the new iPhone 4S and cannot get my verizon.net email account to set up.  I have a mobile me acct which is working well.


I follow the instructions as indicated for setting up the account (settings; mail/contacts/calendar; add new acct.) but it won't authenticate and I receive an error message saying, "The user name or password for incoming.verizon.net is incorrect."  I have verified my password with Verizon, tried resetting to a new password but to no avail; user name has also been verified along with the ports, and use is "off".


Additionally, I have erased and restored to factory settings, erased network settings, etc.


I previously used an iPhone 3GS and did not have any issues.

iOS 5