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When trying to sync my ipad to latest version of itunes, it appears the ipad identity was lost and a message in itunes says to restore the ipad.  However, multiple attempts to do this continue to provide the "This ipad cannot be restored. Unknown error 1"  I have tried resetting my ipad which just brings back the screen to connect it to itunes.  I have updated all software on my computer and restarted.  No luck!.  Please help!!

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    I have the same problem. did you find a solution? please help..



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    yes, if you consider trying six times a solution. i understand it's related to some sort of server overload at apple (with folks trying to upgrade?). i tried five times in quick succession and got the message you did (or a variety thereof). i then spent an hour online trying to figure out what had gone wrong (including looking for this .com/apple/itunes.plist everyone speaks of) and when i tried again out of boredom it worked fine.

    try again. it will take one of these times without any further effort on your part (i still haven't found the itunes.plist).

  • mlupin Level 1 Level 1

    no - I have not found a solution.  I have tried now over 60 times to restore my ipad and continue to get the same message:  "The ipad "ipad" cannot be restored. Unknown error 1"  I have also tried creating a Guest account on my imac with the same error.  Hopefully, someone will have an answer out there as I can only imagine that this is a common problem as I have never had any issues with my ipad or computer previously.

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    Yeah, I have the same problem. Theres another thread over here about it.



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    I have the same problem and error message.  I tried on 2 different computers, no luck.  I took it to the Genius Bar at local Apple store.  They told me it could not be fixed and wanted me to pay $350 for a replacement.  I refused and the manager came out and offered another one at $100.  I still refused and now I have a paper weight.  Not sure what to do.  Don't be in a hurry to update to iOS5.

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    I have exactly the same problem. I have purchased my IPAD from France and now I live between Beirut and Riyadh. I do not know if an Apple Store is present in any of these two cities even to purchase a new one for a $100. Does any one know where one can find an Apple Store in the Middle East? As far as I am concerned, the release of the IOS5 was too premature and as customers we should not be suffering from Apple fatal mistake!

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    Has anyone checked here : http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1275


    If your iPad is under warranty Aplle will mail you a replacement if necessary.

    Email customer support.

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    Finally got problem taken care of.  It took 1 week for apple support to call me back after making an appointment.

    I spoke with a supervisor by the name of Scott Margie ( great guy).  After explaining I was unable to restore my IPAD and getting error code 1 he agreed that there is a emerging problem.  Apple has waived the fee for telephone support of an out of warranty unit and agreed to replace my Ipad with another one just like it.  Apple makes a person jump through too many hoops to solve a problem that is obviously there fault.  If you are persistant they will eventually make it right. So if your getting error code 1 you only have a few options.  Pay Apple money to replace it or jump through all the hoops and get customer service to replace it for free.  You will need a least an hour of your time to fight it.

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    Thank goodness for this thread! 


    I installed iOS5 last night and was having the same problems described above with my iPad 1 32 GB + 3G.  Unknown Error (1) and was unable to restore. 


    I took my ipad to the local Apple Store today and was told by the genius that it was a hardware issue, and because the warranty had expired, there was nothing the Store could do.  He suggested that I try calling AppleCare.  Then I asked to speak with a manager.  He apologized again and said there was just nothing the Store could do.  I was close to leaving, when I asked a second time if it would be possible to see a Manager. 


    After asking a second time, he called a manager.  After explaining my issue to her, she immediately authorized him to give me a new iPad !   Anyone with this problem should definitely go to the store and be polite but adamant.  You should get a new iPad.

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    I had the same issue. After 5 or 6 failed attempts I came looking for help. What worked for me was moving my iPad USB cable from my dock to the stand-alone port on the front of my computer. Their tech support page mentions potential USB conflicts.


    Worked the first time.