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I noticed something weird. I see "other" taking up quite a bit of space on my MacBook Pro as seen below:


MBP Screenshot.png

I have no idea what this "other" section on the hard drive consists of. I'm also seeing in on my MacBook Air:


MBA Screenshot.png

Does anyone know what files make up this "other" and, if unnecessary (or some sort of file corruption), how to get rid of it?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1), OWC 128GB SATA 3 SSD, 8GB RAM
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    I keep my MBP running Lion pretty clean and lean with only files and programs that I need and use.  Having said that, I had a 160 GB HD that had around 100 GB of "Other" that I just couldn't figure out what it was.  I tried several different things over months and months and was finally able to figure out how to free up about 90% of that "Other".  I went to the disk utility, selected the Macintosh HD and executed the "Verify Disk" function.  It only took ~5 minutes to do and it said my disk needed to be repaired by restarting the computer and holding down the command and R key at the same time when the apple logo appears.  This brought up a menu which would allow me to access the Disk Utility again and then perform the "Repair Disk" function.  This again only took a few minutes and I was able to free up about 90 GB once I restarted the MBP after the Repair disk was complete.  Not sure if this will produce the same outcome for you but it's worth a try and costs nothing.