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Downloaded iCloud and the latest update only to find my mobile me address is gone and I am not able to access mobile me to move it to the cloud. My calendar is spastic with it's jumping around telling me to go to mobile me to move things to iCloud but it isn't happening.

Where is the mobile me address that was suppose to move without issue to iCloud and my emails. It seems my mobile me account is "inactive" though it worked just fine until I did the upgrade or in my case the down grade. Where is the support access for apple, I only find the express access which is not available, the issue description is a blank without the ability to type the issue. Guess my computer got up on the wrong side of the cloud.

I would like to upgrade to iCloud and have everything sync and be able to read my emails that were on my mobile me account have my calendar sync across devices and all the promises everyone seems to be enjoying.

Are there any suggestions as to how to resolve this? Thanks