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I made an iMovie on the basis of stills only, using 3 pictures found on the internet (Wikipedia, Webshots) and music of my iTunes. Is sharing this movie (images, sound) on social netsites as YouTube or Vimeo free - clearly NOT intended for commercial reasons, or do I need permissions first?

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    • double-clicking any picture in Wikipedia brings up the info, wether the pic is CC or has limitations in publishing it

    • you don't 'own' 'your' music in iTunes ... you have limited usage-rights, esp. for commercial music you do NOT have any rights to publish it in any form (as 'on YT').

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    As said, the music of my iTunes "soundtrack" is only intended to share within a community and certainly NOT to commercial intentions. How do other people do this on 'YT' and the like; is the majority of music I hear on these sites rather illegal then?

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    pdrcourious wrote:


    ...  is the majority of music I hear on these sites rather illegal then?


    simple answer: YES!


    I received two 'blue letters'/cease and decist from YouTube, 'cause I replaced the music in live-scenery by parts of same track from my iTunes collection (to get a solid audio track). the YT-filters (machine or Bangladore) identify commercial music fast - esp. when bought in iTS, it seems, it contains a 'watermark', which instantly tells YT "who owns this?"


    in terms of legal/illegal: some are tolerant, some not. but YOU don't have any rights to publish any 'found' music (pictures, videos, maps, graphics, buildings, art, ......................)


    I tought a seminar on this issue, without being an advocat ... in theory, 99% of YouTube has to be pulled.

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    OK, I get this 'unhappy' message.

    So, nobody will ever know what they are missing , although I did mention all this music and found images on the iMovie's title roll, specifically to respect each one's rights (even as I never got any reaction from the identified owners to my asking them for their permission; no interest obviously...).