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MobileMe wasn't the greatest with junk mail, but since the transition to iCloud, my inbox is bombarded with with junk mail every day now. Has anyone else noticed a noticible increase in junk mail after the transition from Mobileme>iCloud. 


1) Comcast account - virtually no junk

2) .com webhost account - virtually no junk

3) gmail - virtually no junk

4) iCloud - ridiculous amount of junk

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2), iCloud
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    Thanks for the links. I consider myself to be careful about my addresses, short of being paranoid about it. Apple's best solution seems to be to delete them. There's now way I could set up the many filters as would be needed to do it that way.


    I'll certainly look over the suggestions in the links, many of which I've already been applying since the iTools .mac days.


    Already received 3 junk mails since my original post to now.

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    I have the same issues, there is no way for me to delete this much junk anymore! And my Mac is mostly in sleep mode so my 40+ junk filters are asleep too, so I have to deal with them on my phone, which is impossible.


    Apple PLEASE, we NEED a cloud based, automatic junk filter like the one GMail has!!

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    I too am BOMBARDED with junk mail since icloud. Apple support says you can flag junk mail and subsequent messages from these senders will go to JUNK mail - this is NOT TRUE for me. Spam from these (exactly the same FROM email addr) continues to drop into my inbox no matter how many times I flag it as JUNK. The huge amount of spam getting through begs the question: is Apple trying to drive folks to other email providers? I have to wonder.

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    Wow,  Nothing like bringing an old thread to life.  I still get spam. It's a lot better since I've learned how to set up proper Mail Rules. The Rules only work for high volumes of Junk mail in which the senders address doesn't change. True hardcore spammers know all about rules and how to get around them by constanly changing their address. If Apple can't filter them out at the server level, you don't have much of a chance.


    But notice the addresses. If they are consistant, a Mail Rule will help.


    Screen Shot 2012-09-26 at 2.26.44 PM.png

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    I want to know how to just automatically send things to junk, I have over 600 unread junk emails!!